F1 Visa Mock Interview – Computer Science PhD

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Another Student Visa for USA Sample Interview questions and answers for PhD in Computer Science.

1. Which university and degree?
University of California, Santa Barbara. PhD Degree in Computer Science

2. Why did you select this university?

  • Good lab & professor in my field of interests: Machine Learning & Data Mining.
  • High ranking by National Research Council.

3. What is your fees in I-20 for first the year?

4. How many universities did you apply and list them?
Five universities: UIUC, UMN, UCSB, OSU, ASU. Got admission to 2 of them: OSU & UCSB.

5. Who is going to sponsor your education and how?
The university and professor: Research Assistantship.

6. What will you do after graduation?
Come back to home country & open a research center in Machine Learning in a university or institution.


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