Student Visas to USA – Mock Interview 4

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One of the requirements to get Student Visa to USA is to attend interview at US Consulate. Pretty much all the interview process will  have some or all of the questions listed below.

Purpose of this mock interview is prepare you for USA student visa interview process. You can get inputs form other readers on your answers.

Previous  Student Visa for USA Mock interview questions and answers (Not Strong).

Which university and degree?

Am going to UMS to do my integrated PhD course in Pharmaceutics.

Why did you select this university in USA?

After I completed my GRE I talked with my professors and my seniors who are in USA. From them I came to know about some universities, which are providing pharmaceutics with special interest in Drug delivery systems. Moreover, I came to know about the recent projects they are concentrating. So of these universities I selected UMS because this university is working on utilizing nanotechnology is a special DDS in which both drug and its antidote are given in same dosage form, which is my area of interest.

What is your fees in I-20 for first the year?

Its USD 25680. However, I received a funding of USD 17331.

How many universities did you apply and list them?

I applied to four universities.

  • UMS
  • Cleveland
  • Wayne state
  • VCU

Who is going to sponsor your education in USA and how?

My dad.iam getting a loan of 12lacs and I am funded from University.

What will you do after graduation form US University?

First I will work in one of the US pharma companies, gain some experience. During my work time I will apply to Dr.Reddy’s labs in India and come back and get settled in my country.

Student Visa Interview Answers – Good to Strong.

Your answers show you have gathered all required visa information and know how to answer them based on student visa requirements. Answers can be improved.


  1. Dear Friend,
    First of all Congratulation for not only getting visa but also a good course, integrated Ph.D. at UMS. I am currently preparing for GRE and I am expecting to get admission in Ph.D. by September 2012, as i will give TOEFL by august , so i will miss January 2010 intake. I completed B.Pharm and then, MSc in Pharmaceutical Technology from University of London. My research area is similar to yours, Drug delivery that involves interdisciplinary sciences and new technology. I have few question for you. I didn’t get the full form of UMS ? which university is this ?
    Would you mind to tell your GRE and TOEFL score and BPharm percentage ?
    Not only I but hte whole pharma students community wil be thankful to you if you can spare some time and write a blog here on your experience with emphasis on which universities offer phd/integrated phd course in pharmaceutics, what are there approximate GRE & TOEFL score for university ?
    Is there any possibility that one can get full funding ? you mentioned that your fees is 25000 and you get funding of 17000, please explain this ? does it mean you need to pay the remaining amount every year from your pocket ?
    did you get any other assistance ? like RA or TA ?
    please parden me for number of question but this is really vital for pharmacy phd aspirants and you can be helpful to all of us if you can answer all this question in one separate blog.
    I’d also like to be in contact with you. please contact me on
    Thank you so much

  2. i have a question:
    is it okay to mention that after graduation, i will work in the US for 1-2 yrs to gain some experience? wont it irk the interviewer?

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