Why Studying English as a Second Language is important to U.S. Colleges?

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Studying English as second language is important
More and more colleges around the US are starting to realize that studying English as a second language is important and are beginning to offer English as a Second Language classes to help ease international students into American college life.

As the Marquette Tribune points out that Marquette is beginning to offer special programs for international students. One of the most popular offerings has been the English as a second language program, as students say it helps them to learn about American culture and the English language simultaneously.

Therefore, when they get to taking classes, they can understand the material much better.

Marquette is also special because of its International Friendship Program, which pairs an international student with a host family in the Milwaukee area. This allows them to have a place to stay during the holidays.

This also gives them a chance to really experience American culture and become more comfortable with staying in the US.

Another school that is working to help international students assimilate is Indiana State University.

The Interlink Language Center, housed on campus, realizes that studying English as a second language is important for international students, and not only teaches future students how to speak English, but also about how American culture works.

Partnering with ISU, the students are guided through their studies by learning how to navigate the campus and researching their majors.

In my experience, most of my friends who are international students have really enjoyed their time in the US and have found the school more than accommodating to their learning English.

The best suggestion is to make a lot of friends when you get to college and make every effort you can to practice English.

Studying English as a second language is important, and like with any foreign languages, practice really does make perfect.

Also, check if your school has a International friends program, it’s a really great way to both meet people and learn about America (and other places too!)

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  2. I didn’t realize this was an issue! My school actually does a lot to help foreign students, from ESL classes to transition events. We also have a Global Buddies program which I’m a part of. I was paired with a Korean and a Chinese girl and we meet up to practice English and I share American culture with them (most I cook, haha!)

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