Over the years here at Happy schools, members have shared 100’s of their experience in terms of GRE Experience, F1 Visa Interviews, American Education Experience and what not.  Couple of years back, I started a new series My Life. My Work.

I have witnessed the power of an Authentic Experience. Thats’ the reason, I started interviewing students over video interviews. Most of interviews are with Current Students and Professors. But, what’s lacking is that “Authentic Journey” towards Job Search, Career and not just the happy ending, but the challenges and struggles.

That’s the Primary Purpose of this series. Do you like to motivate and share your Journey and American Experience to wider audience? Here’s couple of examples:

  1. This is How I Live, Work and Stay Motivated : Arjun Srinivas
  2. Before You Say America is the Best Country, Read this Indian Student’s Survival Story. WOW.

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