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A new survey was posted yesterday and so far, 233 prospective international students have responded with their comments and suggestions.

It would really helpful if you can spend just 2 minutes of your time to answer 3 Yes-No questions, plus sharing any suggestions you may have.

Reason for Conducting the Survey

This blog is growing in a much faster rate than we have originally expected. So your input will definitely help to improve the types of articles and information we can provide to you.

So far, we have collected many suggestions like these:

  • I want to get all the kind of information which would be helpful for admission (to get the studentship) and also the scheduled dates of application at different universities, including the basic requirements for the admission.
  • More concentration on SOP, Low GPA, LOR, etc.
  • Content that can help make the candidate confident enough to go through a visa interview would be perfect, and information that enables students to choose the correct university for his/her profile, including other info like part time jobs situation, etc.
  • It might be a paid service, but you should start a personalized as well as mentoring and pre-application and application process classes for the prospective students as well as on making sound choices of universities for students and in going through the entire application procedure.


  1. Hi!!
    Do all the universities in the U.S. consider TOEFL score??Are there any such universities or colleges which consider GRE score alone???please,do let me know about this.

  2. Hi,

    I am finding happyschoolsblog very interesting and informative.

    I am pursuing my M.Tech in CSE which will be completed in 2009.

    I feel that it was not worth while studying M.Tech here in a mediocre university and I am now very much keen on getting a M S degree from USA.

    1. What do you think about me getting an admission in US University despite of me having a Master degree from India?

    2. I see in lots of University websites about MS in Computer Science? How do I find what are the other different majors the school offers ? Usually, I look in CS departments for different majors, but most of them have MS in CS ?

    3. Do you think getting scholarship in India during M.Tech study and having one year internship experience, M.Tech average of 67% and with good GRE will help me get some sort of financial AID.

    4. What aggregate do US Universities consider ? As in my degree certificate of B.E it mentions about class considering only 5th to 8th sem (which makes my % less compared to 8 sems average) or will they consider all 8 semester aggregate? or the degree % and class mentioned in degree certificate is final?

  3. I would like to know in detail about the kind of scholarships and assistantships offered for the international Student.

    What are the eligibility criterias?


    Maneesha G

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