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Over 470 people had participated in the Survey 1 about HSB – Premium Membership. Here are some of the responses we received for the question:

If Happy Schools Blog were to offer students preparing to apply at US universities for graduate schools, what kind of exclusive contents would you like to be included in the training apart from regular updates in the blog?

In total, we have received over 270 for the above question, making the survey a quite successful one. Here are a few of them and our answers made in brief.

Q1. Some printed materials that would help us in our preparation

  • The GRE Study Plan and ebook (Students’ Guide into US Universities) can be used. The GRE Study Plan will be made available for Premium members once the program goes live.

Q2. Minimal GRE scores required by universities for pharmacy and many more programs

Q3. An exclusive list personalised to the individual depending on these parameters: (1) Undergraduate institution (2) Academic record (3) GRE score, and (4) subject in undergraduate level.

  • We don’t have plans to provide consulting services. But articles here at HSB will help you select U.S. schools. In fact, you will learn all the tips and tactics in the Premium Membership program.

Q4. About the university that a student can get & about scholarships.

  • Same answers as Q3

Q5. Information about various schools, GRE tests, exclusive preparation materials, loan and visa information

  • We have collected inputs like your and over 170 responses to form most of the course content for the Premium Membership Site.

Q6. Daily wordlist of GRE…..& How 2 crack RC &SC

  • Some exclusive articles from students who scored 600+ in GRE verbal section and how they prepared will be made available to Premium Members.

Q7. Materials on GRE

Q8. Every point which covers from starting for thoughts of USA.

  • Premium contents are specially designed in a way so you will get to know all the key details about the U.S. graduate school admission.

Q9. It would be very helpful if you could get stuff about U.S. colleges and universities in detail…or if there was a place or query corner where we could have our doubts cleared.

  • We already have a Questions Page, but answering all the questions in a day is not possible.

Q10. How to write a good statement and CV

  • We will show sample CVs, letters of recommendations, and SOPs written by students and corrections that we have to make to those documents.
    We will teach you the typical mistakes to avoid writing SOPS and provide sample of documents to Premium Members.

The above 10 questions reflect some of your views. Feel free to add more questions by posting comments below. We look forward to the launching of Happy Schools Blog’s Premium Membership.

Regular readers will be still getting free updates and access to all the blog articles. Additional contents will be available only to registered members.

Another advantage would be this – You can directly get all your questions answered about the topic of discussion as a Premium Member.


  1. I am interested in joining MS in computer Science/engineering in 2010.
    may i request you to tell me the list of 6 good universities to apply with GRE score of 1200 and is there any scope for financial aid

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