The #1 Way To Boost Your GRE Score – Take New GRE Practice Tests

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Several Fans answered the question to why one must take New GRE Practice tests or other standardized admission, while preparing for such test.

Question was posted on Facebook Fan Page.

Question to You – Why is taking practice test important? Give your #1 reason.

Top 2 reason are marked in red.

Importance of New GRE Practice Tests

GRE Practice Tests

GRE Practice Tests – importance

The main reason to take New GRE practice tests is to find if you are improving on the areas that you are practicing and what do I need to work on.

What is the use of studying for standardized tests like GRE and GMAT without knowing  your current skill level.

Preparing for New GRE without expectations is waste of your time.

Other reasons listed for taking New GRE practice tests are also important, but at end of the day, you need to get highest possible score.

GRE Practice tests are checkpoints that will help you get the boost your New GRE score.

New GRE Practice Tests

What do I mean by New GRE Practice Tests?

Solving problems to learn new strategies are not referred to practice tests.

You should be taking practice tests that mimic real life New GRE and testing environment.

  • Use Stop Watch or Timer
  • Find a place without disturbances.
  • Take the New GRE Practice test.
  • Even if you are taking 1 section, do it right.

If you have taken New GRE Verbal Practice today and you scored 141.

Lets say, you got most of the the New GRE Reading Comprehension questions wrong.

You should have already identified your weak area (say Reading Comprehension).

You spend 2 weeks learning new strategies for Reading comprehension questions.

You take another New GRE practice tests.

  • Forward Progress – You got more questions right and improved your score to 145.
  • No Progress – Still struggling with RC questions.

Without New GRE Practice tests, you have no way of knowing if you have made progress with your preparations.

Next Steps

Now I have made a valid argument to why New GRE Practice tests are important. I like to know the following

  • how often do you take Practice tests
  • do you have sufficient GRE study materials for taking practice tests?


  1. Hi Everyone,

    Is anyone using Magoosh for GRE prep? I have finished my basic learning and would like to take as many timed practice sets as possible – Can anyone help me with any online resource for the same.


  2. Hi HSB
    today, for the first time, i plugged into this great circuit of real helpful collection of info. Your arguement is totally valid, i agree with you all the way.
    I will be writing the new revised GRE in about 2 months in Nigeria. Presently harsh economic conditions do not leave the ‘luxury’ of being able to buy some of these priced prep materials online cos they are, for me now, so expensive. This constitutes the biggest obstacle to my preparation. I’d really appreciate it if someone can provide me with links to free helpful prep materials. Thanks a bunch!

  3. hi sir ……..pls,
    i dnt know the dates
    fall 2011 dates september to october

  4. hi ……..sir can u give suggestion bcoz i planned to prepare new gre . how i prepared that helpme pls…….i wait for ur reply

  5. can u suggest some sites where from where i can take practise tests???? im giving gre in starting of august,,, and i m kind of done with quant, but my rc and the verbal part is realllly horrible,,, kindly suggest…
    and oh i have old gre barron book (18th edition) cuzthe new version is still not available. so i have been giving some power prep tests to familiariza with new gre but most of the time, its me and the old book :((((

  6. Once a week! I’ve my gre on sept 6.,,im reffering barron’s 19th edition n kaplan.

  7. Hi!it’s Monami,
    Please give me the complete detailings on how to appear for GRE.I wiil be glad if you can give me the complete preparing materials of GRE to my Email.I am also interested for higher education in USA or any other good European Univresities.MS in Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics with a good fellowship is my first priority.If you can apprise me with the above following informations, please send it through my Email.

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