How to Prepare for Phone Interview

First step in job interview process will usually be phone interview.

Prepare for phone interview as you would prepare for in-person job interview.

Lets look at keys things a you should know about the interviewer and employer to be ace the phone interview.

To prepare effectively for the phone interview, you have to know and collect the following information

  1. Name of the person going to call you
  2. Time and date of the interview
  3. Which group/product
  4. Version of your resume sent to them
  5. Job Position, location.
  6. Job title of the interviewer
  7. Which phone number they are going to call

Phone Interview Tips

Research on Interviewer

Knowing the job role of the person going to conduct phone interview

  • HR – Prepare for Behavior based interview questions.
  • Manager/Team Member – Prepare for technical questions.
  • Director –  Know the product, team, industry details, competition.

Do a google search on the interviewer. Try to learn more about the person. Most of the times you will be able to find their Linkedin Profile.

Reading through the profile will give their background and role and responsibilities in current position.

Read their recommendations, it will show the type of person.

When you know bit of knowledge about the person, its easy to prepare for the interview. Having an expectation will make things easier during the interview process.

Also, you can prepare few questions to ask based on their job role. You cannot ask product details to HR, they will not be able to answer questions related to product design and development, but they can answer questions about work culture, skills required to be successful, job growth opportunities, etc.

Market Your Brand

Till you land the job, keep marketing yourself. Every tiny bit counts. This is where attention to details comes into picture.

Read this experience on how lack of common sense cost job interview.

Each and every email, phone call counts. Always be polite. Remember you are the one looking for the job, so act accordingly. Courtesy and respect are two of the key components for the job seeking candidate to embrace during your job search.

When you are not the boss then don’t behave like one.

Do you have additional phone interview tips? Share your tips in the comment form below.

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  1. Neha on May 23, 2011 at 9:57 AM

    very beneficial and guiding tips…it will certainly help the freshers as well as the experiecned persons in the corporate world….

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