ACT – American College test

ACT – American College Test is a standardized test for high school students  for getting into college admissions in USA. Results are accepted by all four year college sin U.S.

The ACT is a national college admissions examination that consists of subject area tests in: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning.

ACT Plus Writing includes the four subject area tests plus a 30-minute ACT Writing Test.

ACT Test Format

  • The ACT includes 215 multiple-choice questions
  • Test Time – Approximately 3 hours and 30 minutes
  • ACT Plus Writing  – About 4 hours

The ACT is administered on ACT Test Dates 2013 in USA and Canada  in September, October, December, February, April, and June.

In other locations (ACT International Test Dates), the ACT is administered on all of the above dates except September.

ACT Plus Writing is not available on the February test date.

The ACT Test Fees  includes score reports for up to four college choices.

College codes have to be listed during test registration.

The ACT Mathematics Test

  • 60 questions
  • 60-minutes
  • Tests mathematical skills from courses taken by the end of 11th grade.

Read more about Mathematics Test content.

The test presents multiple-choice questions that require you to use reasoning skills to solve practical problems in mathematics.

You need knowledge of basic formulas and computational skills to answer the problems, but you aren’t required to know complex formulas and perform extensive computation.

NOTE You may use a calculator on the Mathematics Test.

ACT Test is offered in about 11 different test centers in India.

Act test is not offered in September month in India.

ACT Reading Test

  • Number of Questions : 40
  • Section Time : 35 minutes
  • Measures : Reading comprehension.
  • Questions type : Read several passages and answer questions (what is directly stated, statements with implied meanings)

Skills Tested

  • determine main ideas
  • locate and interpret significant details
  • understand sequences of events
  • make comparisons
  • comprehend cause-effect relationships
  • determine the meaning of context-dependent words, phrases, and statements
  • draw generalizations
  • analyze the author’s or narrator’s voice and method

Passage Topics :  Social studies, natural sciences, prose fiction, and the humanities.

ACT  Science Test

  • Number of Questions : 40
  • Section Time : 35 minutes
  • Measures : Natural sciences: interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem solving.
  • Requirements:  Completed a course in Earth science and/or physical science and a course in biology.

The test presents several sets of scientific information, each followed by a number of multiple-choice test questions. The scientific information is presented in one of three different formats:

  • data representation (graphs, tables, and other schematic forms)
  • research summaries (descriptions of one or more related experiments)
  • conflicting viewpoints (expressions of several related hypotheses or views that are inconsistent with one another).

The ACT Writing Test

Writing Test is is a 30-minute essay test that measures your writing skills—specifically those writing skills emphasized in high school English classes and in entry-level college composition courses.The test consists of one writing prompt that will define an issue and describe two points of view on that issue.

You are asked to respond to a question about your position on the issue described in the writing prompt. In doing so, you may adopt one or the other of the perspectives described in the prompt, or you may present a different point of view on the issue.

Your score will not be affected by the point of view you take on the issue.

ACT Test centers in India with Test dates


CityCenter NameCenter CodeTest Dates
AhmedabadIndo American Educ Soc Satellite86619027-OCT-12
Ahmedabad GujaratAhmedabad International School86606027-OCT-12
BANGALORESt Josephs Boys High School87249027-OCT-12
HyderabadUniti Foundation86680027-OCT-12
IndoreSwati Jain College87244027-OCT-12
MumbaiLala Lajpatrai Inst Of Management87123027-OCT-12
MussoorieWoodstock School86673027-OCT-12
New DelhiAmerican Embassy School86674027-OCT-12
New DelhiU.S. India Educational Foundation87306027-OCT-12
Pune MaharashtraMahindra UWC of India86002027-OCT-12
Tamil NaduKodaikanal International School86672027-OCT-12


ACT Test Fees
  • ACT (No Writing) -$35.00

Includes reports for you, your high school, and up to four college choices (if valid codes are provided when you register).

  • ACT Plus Writing – $50.50

Includes reports for you, your high school, and up to four college choices (if valid codes are provided when you register). The $15.50 Writing Test fee is refundable, on written request, if you are absent on test day or switch to the ACT (No Writing) before testing begins.

Additional registration fees and services

Add to the test fee for your test option (except for the Test Center Change)

  • 5th and 6th college choices -add $11.00 each

Requested online before the test date; refundable on written request, if you do not test. Find out how much it costs to send your scores after you test.

  • Telephone re-registration -add $13.00
  • Late registration fee (U.S. or Canada only) – add $22.00

For registration or test date change submitted during the late period for a national test date.

Standby testing -add $43.00

Refunded if you are denied admission to the test center on test day, or if your registration was cancelled due to no photo provided.

  • International testing (required outside the U.S. or Canada) -add $30.00
  • Test date change – add $21.00

If you request a test date change after the regular deadline for the new date, you must also add the late fee. You will be charged the full test fee for your new test date plus $21.00 ($43.00 if you register during the late period).

Your test fee for the original test date will be promptly refunded.

  • Test center change – $21.00

For the same test date.

  • Viewing scores and score report online -FREE
  • Test Information Release (TIR) service – add $19.00

On December, April, and June national test dates at a national test center; refundable if not available.

ACT Test Dates for 2013 -2104 for USA and Canada

Refer to ACT international Test Dates for other countries.

ACT Test Dates 2012 – 2013

Test DateRegistration Deadline(Late Fee Required)
September 8, 2012August 17, 2012August 18–24, 2012 (paper registrations)August 18–31, 2012 (online registrations)
October 27, 2012September 21, 2012September 22 – October 5, 2012
December 8, 2012November 9, 2012November 10 – 16, 2012
February 9, 2013*January 11, 2013January 12 – 18, 2013
April 13, 2013March 8, 2013March 9 – 22, 2013
June 8, 2013May 3, 2013May 4 – 17, 2013

*No test centers are scheduled in New York for the February test date.

ACT Test Dates 2014

Test Dates
September 21, 2013
October 26, 2013
December 14, 2013
February 8, 2014*
April 12, 2014
June 14, 2014

ACT Test Dates 2014 – 2015

Test Date
September 13, 2014
October 25, 2014
December 13, 2014
February 7, 2015*
April 18, 2015
June 13, 2015

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