3 Things to do Before Applying to B-School

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Applying to Business School can be daunting.  There are letters of recommendation, transcripts, and the GMAT.  You also have to write several essays about yourself.  Here are a few things to do before applying to B-School.

Time to Study for the GMAT

Give yourself adequate time to study for the GMAT.  I’m sure that this isn’t earth-shattering news, but I remember when I first started studying for it how different the problems were from other tests I’ve taken.

It had also been a few years since I had done any of the types of math problems that were contained in the test, so that was eye-opening.

There are plenty of courses out there, and lots of books.  There is no reason to not take the time to ace the GMAT, if you are truly serious about pursuing an MBA.

Build Leadership Skills

Most of the top business schools are very focused on leadership.  They also tend to look for it in the candidates who are applying to their schools.

Take the opportunity to build and demonstrate some leadership skills before applying.

Take on a leadership position at work.  Come up with a new project and drive it.  Show vision.

Become Active and Engaged in the Community

If you aren’t already volunteering your time for a cause in the community, and taking on a leadership role, then consider doing that.

Many of the schools look for people who are excellent not just in their professional lives, but also in their personal lives.

They really do want to see community service, and growth.  Take on a role that will give you the opportunity to lead others.

Almost every volunteer organization NEEDS people who can come in and help, donate their time, and lead.

What B-School is Looking for, and Become it

All of this advice leads to the key idea- Think about what the schools are looking for, what kind of leaders, what kind of applicants, and become that type of person.

Those are the things to do before applying to B-School.

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