3 Tips for MBA Applicants to Overcome Weakness

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mba overcome weaknessMBA applications are starting weigh on the minds of those who will be submitting them this fall and winter, and spring is the perfect time to clear up any weaknesses you fear you’ll show on your application. U.S. News offers up 3 tips for MBA applicants to overcome weakness this spring.

Don’t Despair if you Don’t Have a Quantitative Background

Just because you didn’t get an undergrad degree in business or math doesn’t mean that you’ll never make it in business school.

Today’s business schools are looking for talented applicants from all kinds of backgrounds to build diversity and a rich learning environment.

However, they are also looking for applicants that can handle the rigorous course load that comes with business school.

To prove yourself, take the GMAT.

If you have taken it once or twice and still feel if you could get a higher score, consider taking a GMAT prep course to help you learn how to take the test more efficiently.

If you didn’t take math courses at all in college, or performed poorly in them, consider taking a calculus class at your local community college and doing extra well in it.

You could also take a course at a website like MBAMath.com, which only teaches you math relevant to business school. Either one of these could should the admissions board how dedicated you are and put you over the top for being admitted.

Pursue Your Passion

Don’t have enough time in your life to do a lot of things outside of work or school?

Try taking it small. Find one thing you are passionate about and act on it immediately.

With it being only spring, you definitely have time to get some extracurriculars under your belt. Volunteer at an old folks home, start a program to help inner-city kids in your area, clean up the park… These are all relatively easy and can be done on the weekends.

Find a group that needs help in your community and follow through with helping them. You have a lot of free time from now until the first applications are due, make good use of it!

Find Creative Ways to Show Leadership

If you were never the “leader” type or weren’t really promoted, you have to find other ways you have lead.

This is one part of the application where MBA applicants to overcome weakness, need to be creative.

Find ways that you have inspired those around you to be passionate for a project or motivate team members on a project.

Maybe working with an organization while trying to get extracurricular experience allowed you to be a leader.

Leaders are not just those who tell everyone what to do, but also the ones who motivate others to that same goal.

Following the 3 tips can allow MBA applicants to overcome weakness in their applications and hopefully get accepted into MBA applicants.

The most important thing to remember is not to wallow in your weakness, but rather to try and overcome it and turn it into a strength.


  1. I am totally confused about MS and MBA so as you mentioned take a general direction… So can you tell me which one is better…
    I am in last sem of mechanical engineering

  2. I am general bachelor of arts completed and I am preparing ielts& gre.
    I want to do study MS in USA.I am interested on MS.
    Should I take the MS ?

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