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This is How Biometric Voice Identification Will Be Used to Prevent Cheating in TOEFL

Raghuram Sukumar TOEFL 8 Comments

We all know about TOEFL Fraud and how ETS is trying to crack them down.

Here’s a blog post that covers the Impact of Taking TOEFL via Agents in Hyderabad.

Recently ETS announced new security measure to detect fraud in TOEFL – New TOEFL Security Measure – Biometric Voice Identification

In a recent interview  with PIE News, Eileen Tyson, Executive Director Global Client Relations at ETS discussed about how Biometric Voice Identification will be used to prevent proxies taking TOEFL.

With the new feature we’re adding, we can create voice prints of each test taker and we’ve had a lot of success with it. It allows us to determine whether there is the same voice among several test takers. It can also help us ensure the same test taker is not participating over a number of tests, so it’s going to be huge tool for us.

We currently use it for security investigations but will expand its use in 2013.  And there’s a wealth of other things we do to ensure security.

Hope ETS will be successful in implementing this Biometric voice identification and prevent score cancellations of genuine test takers.

Update : How to Crack New TOEFL Biometric Security Voice ID




  1. can you just post the vocab link he told in this conversation. I tried in facebook I didn’t get any page of vocab4you

  2. All the tactics would be really helpful and i liked the making of tapes to improve vocabulary, then all the best for your IELTS, thanks to harsha and happy schools blog

    1. I am glad you found it useful…and I am done with ielts scored 7 band with absolutely no prep …will share my experience with ielts exam …:)

  3. Hi
    I am giving my gre on 12th november and wish to give toefl around that time . I am applying to Germany so i need toefl please tell me about how to give toefl safely so that no chances of fraud are there.

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