How to get TOEFL Refund as TOEFL Voucher

Raghuram Sukumar TOEFL

Sharing the email exchanged with HSB reader who missed TOEFL Exam.

>> Due to some medical reasons I did not attend TOEFL on the test date. Its past 10 days now. Can I do anything to get the money back ? Will that affect my admissions and VISA interview ? Please reply me sir. Am very worried now.

>> Maybe try calling ETS – TOEFL and see if you send medical records of emergency, you will be allowed to take exam? Let me know what they say. If they say no, you would have to pay again.

>> Good news !! I have sent a medical proof regarding my illness and I received a Test voucher from ETS. They approved my request and they have given a refund.

If you missed TOEFL or GRE due to medical reasons, you can try doing the same. With TOEFL Voucher, you can book test dates again. When selecting payment method, select Voucher options.

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