TOEFL Scores Not Required for Admission – Rules

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TOEFL is required for all international applicants applying for graduate school and other degree programs in USA. Students are required to submit official scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language, unless they meet certain  TOEFL exemptions criteria set by universities.

Set of criteria will vary by university, but it will look similar to following set of rules. If applicants meet any of the following criteria, then TOEFL is not required for admission.

TOEFL Not Required

TOEFL is not required when one of the following rules are meet.

  1. Native English speakers
  2. Non-native English speakers who have completed two consecutive years of full-time high school or university study in the U.S. or other country where the official language of the country is English
  3. Non-native English speakers who have a minimum of one-year full-time employment in the U.S. or other country where the official language of the country is English.

Applicants must submit a letter from their employers verifying at least 12 consecutive months of employment and describing their English proficiency.

Note- Students from countries where the official language is not English, but who attended a university where English was the language of instruction, are not exempt from submitting TOEFL scores.

Students from India will be usually attending colleges where medium of instructions is English. But, they are required to submit TOEFL test scores.


  1. hi.i am sarower a third year student in southeast university, average cgpa is 3.15.i am very interest to study m.pharm in toefl,gre score.ielts,cgpa is enough at list get scholership in any australian pharmacy university to study m.pharm.i am a bangladeshi.please reply me.thanks.

  2. My TOEFL score is 78…..Can I apply universities having 80 minimum scores…As I got good academics and 1030 GRE score…
    Plzz give rply to dis ID;

  3. Thank you for that helpful article I will return. Excellent research. Au revoirl

  4. Thanks for that thoughtful post I will boomark this. A great read. Adios

  5. This article is good but I disagree with some certain points in it. Oh well, I am not a complete expert on the matter. Thanks for the article anyways.

  6. hi, This is pavan
    Without writing GRE, based on TOEFL v can get the universites to go

  7. Dear Sir,

    I am serving as an Assistant Professor on regular basis in the National Institute of Technology, Government of India since last four years. My Basic qualification is B.E. Civil, Diploma in Civil Engineering and my specialization in M.Tech. (Structural Engineering). I want to join Ph.D. in Structural Engineering at USA. I already got selected for National Oversea Scholarship, By Govt. of India for Doctoral Study at abroad and I am government employee and having full time 4 years UG and PG teaching experience with research experience and 1.5 years Adhoc teaching experience.

    I have published 2 papers in International Journal, 1 paper in National Journal, and 12 Papers in International and National Conference, and I have published 2 Chapter in Book.

    So, I would like to ask is it necessary for TOEFL and GRE Exam for admission?

    Kindly, reply me as early as possible.
    Thanking you,

  8. I have been offered a PhD position at Univ of Arkansas. They will be sending me the SEVIS-I-20 form shortly. I had to fill the SEVIS form at the time of applying to the university, wherein I had also declared my sponsor's financial statement. Do I need to furnish the financial statement details again??

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