Top 100 Universities in USA 2012

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Top 100 Universities in USA 2011 – 2012 Edition is here.

I have came up with my ranking factor, methodology to rank Top 100 Universities in USA 2012.

top 100 universities in USA in 2012

Top 100 Universities in USA 2012

  1. Harvard University
  2. University of Washington
  3. University of Florida
  4. University of Phoenix
  5. University of Chicago
  6. University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
  7. University of Oregon
  8. The University of Utah
  9. Yale University
  10. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  11. Stanford University
  12. University of Virginia
  13. University of Virginia
  14. Duke University
  15. University of Texas at Austin
  16. Columbia University in the City of New York
  17. University of California, Berkeley
  18. Princeton University – Welcome
  19. University of Michigan
  20. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  21. Penn: University of Pennsylvania
  22. University of Wisconsin–Madison
  23. Vanderbilt University | Nashville, Tennessee
  24. University of Maryland
  25. Home – Georgetown University
  26. University of Colorado Boulder
  27. University of Oklahoma
  28. Twin Cities – University of Minnesota
  29. University of Notre Dame
  30. Ohio University
  31. Carnegie Mellon University
  32. Washington University in St. Louis
  33. University of Pittsburgh
  34. Cornell University
  35. University at Buffalo
  36. New York University
  37. Liberty University Christian College Education
  38. University of Kansas
  39. Johns Hopkins University
  40. Purdue University
  41. Clemson University
  42. Thomas Jefferson University
  43. Miami University
  44. Syracuse University
  45. University of Nevada, Reno
  46. University of Miami
  47. University of Cincinnati
  48. The Ohio State University
  49. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  50. University of Rochester
  51. University of Delaware
  52. Indiana University
  53. Michigan State University. Est. 1855. East Lansing, Michigan USA.
  54. University of Southern California
  55. Fordham University
  56. University of Connecticut
  57. University of Alabama
  58. DePaul University
  59. Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York
  60. Temple University
  61. University of Louisville: It’s Happening Here
  62. UW – Laramie, Wyoming | University of Wyoming
  63. Tufts University
  64. University of New Mexico
  65. George Washington University
  66. Case Western Reserve University
  67. Washington State University – Pullman, Washington
  68. University of California, Santa Barbara
  69. University of Kentucky
  70. Colorado State University – Fort Collins
  71. Tulane University – New Orleans, LA
  72. University of Toledo –
  73. University Of Montana
  74. University of Maine
  75. University of California, Irvine
  76. Pennsylvania State University
  77. University of Denver
  78. Brown University
  79. Virginia Tech | Invent the Future
  80. Pennsylvania State University
  81. University of Denver
  82. Utah State University
  83. University of Massachusetts Amherst
  84. Brigham Young University
  85. Indiana University Bloomington
  86. University of Vermont
  87. Texas A&M University – College Station, TX
  88. University at Albany – SUNY
  89. University of California
  90. Long Island, New York’s Largest Private College – Hofstra University
  91. University of Evansville
  92. Wayne State University
  93. University Of Georgia
  94. Oregon State University
  95. Drexel University
  96. University of North Dakota
  97. The University of Scranton
  98. Northeastern University
  99. Iowa State University
  100. University of Hawaii System
  101. Marshall University – Huntington, WV
  102. University of Memphis
  103. Belmont University | Nashville, TN
  104. Mizzou – University of Missouri
  105. Oakland University
  106. Auburn University
  107. Elon University
  108. Virginia Commonwealth University
  109. Baylor University
  110. Brandeis University
  111. University of California, Santa Cruz
  112. Regent University
  113. University of Idaho
  114. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  115. Lehigh University
  116. Central Michigan University

 Ranking Methodology – Top Universities

US News, Princeton Review, Washington Post publish Top 100 Universities Rankings ever year.

They have set of Ranking factors and methodology.

So, HSB’s Ranking methodology doesn’t include surveys, job placement, research, cost, financial aid, etc.

All it takes is just one simple Google Search “University”. Let Google’s search rankings algorithm do the work.

MIT, CIT is not in the list of Top 100 Universities in USA 2012 edition (so does in previous Top Universities rankings).


  1. I dont believe the universities list given above is true..Where University of Texas at Dallas go.Its one of the reputed universities and apart from that Massachussets Institute of Technology,its a top university across the globe and you are not at all finding it in the entire list.How funny?

    1. @chandan:
      sorry, but there are far better univs than UTD. No offenses, but UTD is considered an ok-sok univ, not outstanding. UT-Austin is far better. And so are a ton of others

    2. @hsb,

      Pls am an undergraduate,and i want
      to transfer to a USA university with a
      GPA 4.64 in Political Science/Law.
      I want you to please give me some
      universities list that do waive TOEFL
      Am asking you this favour because i
      dont have a toefl score.thanks

      1. @Ola
        if u r an international student from a country whose first medium of language isnt English, there’s no way u will be admitted without a TOEFL score. 4.64 in what scale? 5 or 10??

        1. @A
          thanks so much am from Nigeria and the medium of instruction in all schools is English language and its also our first language,but some schools in the USA will not accept Nigeria.

  2. Its been over years I started following HSB. At first I was planning to do MSC in USA in electrical engineering, but unfortunately or fortunately I end up being a student in Europe. I can confidently tell that HSB is a nice place on the web to learn about GRE, TOEFL and admission process and visa experiences. I learn a lot for each post even if most of them are for USA related, they were helpful in my grad school application process in many ways.Big thanks to HSB!

  3. HSB, I hope you know that Google search gives personalised results to everyone. You searching for the word university will give results based on your previous search patterns and preferences. Giving such a biased and uninformed view is something unexpected from you. Please do not give rankings solely on the basis of your own google search.

    1. Abishek – I spend countless hours learning SEO strategies. Did you know you can completely opt out from Google serving Interest based ads?

      1. Please! don’t support yourself being a dogmatic person!
        What all information you posted in this post is really a false one!!
        and spending countless hours learning SEO strategies won’t let you know how a university is ranked.
        How much you gonna support this deed of yours!
        Its really a fake and false information!
        Please kindly think before HSB LOOSES ITS REPUTATION

        1. Raviraj – As I said, you had a view about how university should be ranked. Read one of the my comments to A on how QS charges $17,000 to University to be EVEN Considered to be included in their Top Universities ranking.

          I defined my ranking factor for Top 100 Universities and published the ranking. I didn’t hide how I ranked universities or charged universities for ranking. You( and others) are not willing to accept that ranking and I’m totally fine with that.

          I think SEO and Marketing. How many times did you come to this page after you said, I’m not going to recommend HSB to others? People come to this blog looking for some info, if they like it they share it, if not the keep moving on.

  4. Top “Universities”..! Fine now publish Top “Institutes of Technology”… Both are used almost synonymously… 🙂

  5. read the disclaimer at the end of each and every page. This is just a personal view.

    (Reproduced for convenience)

    No warranties

    This website is provided “as is” without any representations or warranties, express or implied. makes no representations or warranties in relation to this website or the information and materials provided on this website.

    HSB – I have pasted link instead of the actual contents.

  6. WOW Texas A&M -College Station at 86th ranking.This is the 1st time I hear ranking based on simple google search.This is not university ranking,This is google “PAGE” Ranking.

  7. Please for god’s sake! don’t mislead us!!!
    It would be very helpful if u please remove this post before many innocent people let fall prey for it.
    1. Where have the state universities gone?????(ASU, OSU (OREGON), CSU, NCSU ETC…..)
    2. Don’t give crap!!! Ohio University is ahead of OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY???? Plz follow waht you mentioned in article (All it takes is just one simple Google Search “University”. Let Google’s search rankings algorithm do the work.) plz kindly do this.
    3.Where the hell is ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY, NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERISTY, and many to be enlisted…..
    4.Please please and please just for page views don’t give fake information!!!
    clemson ahead of OHIO STATE AND TAMU-C can you show me where from you got this info?
    5. I would kindly request you to delete this.
    Till date, I promoted HSB for its reliable and great information . From now on I worry to do it any more!!
    Plz don’t loose faith of students! this gonna literally effect your pages.
    Hope this comment get published for public to know about your concern about students!!
    Really a bad start for the day!!! very upset!!!:-(

    1. How can you call this Top 100 Universities Fake? I gave the list of universities and gave how it was ranked. You had a view that ranking means it should have certain factors, so that is the problem. Not ready to accept the change?

      Give me one reason, to how any other rankings have helped you.

      1. Q: How can you call this Top 100 Universities Fake?
        A: Hold on…!!! Have some sense…I called the information fake not the top 100 universities!!(Wats wrong with HSB today! Totally out of mind!!!)
        Q: I gave the list of universities and gave how it was ranked.
        A: Wat language is that? Can you speak in English please??? (gave ……gave…..)
        Q: You had a view that ranking means it should have certain factors, so that is the problem. Not ready to accept the change?
        A: Yeah its having various factors starting from student teacher ratio to food available on campus including international students, facilities etc…
        What factors did you consider in ranking them?? (Give me a strong reason why clemson is above ohio state university???)
        Q: Not ready to accept the change?
        A: God!!! where on earth are you???? Change created by a normal human of HSB which deals with top 100 universities!! cmmon!! think once before you post such stuff!!
        Q: Give me one reason, to how any other rankings have helped you.
        A: People are following HSB just for gre and other great experiences you post!
        By this post of yours, I am worrying how credible are the stuff you posted till now!!
        Other rankings, (Need not mention, its of no worth mentioning here) are reliable, true and people (Students) know it very well how truth this post is!!

        Totally and totally lost faith on HSB!!!
        I may be the one to take pain to give such a vast reply, but each and every one who read this post are in same phase!

        Consider students and not page views (Through which you get bucks!!!)

        1. All it takes is one post by HSB with a different view to yours to make u lose faith on HSB? What about the tons of helpful posts?
          Stop being so constricted in your opinions, all. Its about a healthy open discussion! 😀

          1. Dear A,

            You are correct! Tons of useful posts are there! Thats why even after such a vague post! I am giving my reviews to make them clarify their post.
            And not constricted about opinions, a pigment of color makes a pure water to change its appearance, So, a single false post may creates (creates) a ripple in whole process resulting in dismantling of things.

            But, it’s not a single post, I have few more examples.

            But, however you spoke perfect saying ” healthy discussion” I liked that.
            sure will definitely follow you 🙂

          2. had to get back to u. I liked that “a pigment of color makes a pure water to change its appearance” line! Superb poetic logic, man! 😀
            I’m honored 😉
            ATB to u too!

  8. Do you guys think when I posted this (Top 100 Universities in USA 2012) I didn’t think about comments bashing the ranking?

    Top Universities’ is highly misleading
    This list is absurd….
    Would it be wise to trust Google over US news, QS

    I don’t trust any of those rankings. What does ranking means to you? I mean, you are not going to get admission just because university is ranked #1 or #100.

    If your profile doesn’t match admission requirements, how is ranking now helping you. Look at factors, they are not ranked as per individual profile vs admission requirements, so, why not create my ranking.

    1. I am just confused, unable to understand on what basis does Google rank the university’s and why are you considering them as the top 100, Is it ranked by the number of each university’s website visits?? By posting this article are you trying to make a point that university rankings does not really matter, but what really matters is weather it matches to your requirement and profile or you really believe they are the top 100??
      I Have a question, yea i do agree that QS has a sales team and they are charging $17000 and the university’s which pay them are only considered before ranking and creating a list. But then at least we have a list of university’s which are placed in order and ranked by considering some factors and yea i agree that university’s which don’t pay them are not listed in the list due to which we are missing out some university’s in the ranking list and QS is providing a partial list but the university’s are not bribing QS to rank them high right? They are just being ranked fairly according to the factors , but what is Google ranking algorithm considering before creating a list? I think QS methodology is a bit logical than Google, but i would definitely like to know on what factor you want to create your rankings, I mean why do you trust Google??

      Yea i know Top 100 the title its self is ambiguous and anyone can create their list by listing out the university’s which they like but that kind of methodology will not be widely accepted. so, please help us understand why you consider them as top 100?

  9. HSB…umm…..really?
    I mean, would it be wise to trust Google over US news, QS & the rest of them?
    MIT Stanford, Caltech, UCB are top class,man!

    1. Lets talk about QA Rankings.
      They publish rankings, students like you use to, understand ranking methodology. Now, you have come here to say, my ranking methodology is unwise. I appreciate your comment.

      Let me ask you a question. Lets assume there are 200 universities and you have to rank them based on say 5 factors. How would you rank them.
      Would you take all the 200 universities and find all the factors, assign certain value to them and then rank all 200 right?

      1. yep, I would. And in all my posts, I have emphasised on these factors for univ selection:
        1) RESEARCH SCOPE:
        There’s no point in me doing a PhD if I dont get any publications in high-impact journals to show for it.
        2) PROFESSOR:
        Of course, s/he should be reputed, revered and have a nice list of credentials. How else am I going to learn anything that counts?
        3) PLACEMENTS:
        I dont think this point needs elucidation
        4) TRP:
        Cheaply put. In a job interview, an MIT grad would certainly get more brownie points than…well, everybody else.
        Its how well the time and money invested will help me set my career. Last year, probably TriValley would have scored high on Google list, because it had the highest number of Indian students hit on its website. Would that make it a good university?
        You said, “HSB’s Ranking methodology doesn’t include surveys, job placement, research, cost, financial aid, etc”….what else matters in rankings???!!!
        And the 5 factors I listed above, I dont think anybody would deny that univs like MIT, Stanford, UCB, Caltech excels in that. But though they are be my dream univs, yet I might not apply. Why? Because I’m pragmatic enough to know where I stand and that I have a nano-slim chance of these univs picking me. So of course, my browser registers more hits on univs like Maryland, UTA, Gerogia Tech rather than MIT. And google algos rank it up.
        Logical enough?
        ps: I’m not getting personal or demeaning u. God knows how much this blog has helped me! I’m just expressing my views openly. Its a free world, right? 😀

        1. Totally agreee to what you have said and how university should be ranked. Here is something you don’t know.

          QS has a sales team. They contact Universities to be included in Ranking. Yes, you read it right “Sales Team”. To be included in QS rankings, university has to pay QS. Do you know how much its cost to be considered for rankings in QS?
          $17,000 is what QS has charged one university to consider them for their Rankings.
          Now, what would you call call such ranking? how objective is this ranking system?

          1. why isnt my comemnt getting approved? 🙁
            I dont even remember what I said, but here’s a vague idea:

            First, thanks for the heads-up on QS. Didnt know.
            But there’s no way US rankings are rigged too!!
            In all my previous posts I have emphasised on how a professor is far more important than the university itself. For a PhD really has no value unless one has some publication/patent etc to show for it. That being said, suppose I’m profiling 2 univs. Univ #1 has a high rank overall but my deptt, Electrical has a handful of professors with sparse research work (happens) but Univ#2 has a lower ranking but EECS deptt has a stellar faculty with superb research going on. For me, Univ#2 will be of a higher preference than Univ#1.
            By the same criteria, MIT/Stanford/UCB/Caltech….these will be much much much higher ranked than any other univs. It doesnt take further than a technical review magazine for that!
            Just for the sake of ranking, I make a list in which I rank my small-town state-government university higher than IITs. Logical? Or will it make your eyeballs pop out? 😀

  10. UNC chapel hill top 10 are you serious………and what about N C State.

    This list is absurd….

  11. With all due respect, sir, I don’t understand what the use of such a list is, that places University of Phoenix in the first ten, and doesn’t give a place for MIT just because it doesn’t contain the word university. The title ‘Top Universities’ is highly misleading.

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