Top 11 Ways New Grad Gets Hired

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When it comes to hiring, companies have several strategies to find potential candidates.

A new report from Michigan State University gives college students a road map on how to understand the recruting process followed by employers and reverse engineer the process to students job search advantage.

As yo can see internships are the No. 1 recruiting strategy

Top 11  Recruiting Strategies

  1. Campus-oriented internships 66%
  2. Career fairs 62%
  3. National job aggregator 50%
  4. Alumni working for company 49%
  5. Campus information visits 48%
  6. Employee referral 44%
  7. Faculty 44%
  8.  Interviews 40%
  9. Social media 36%
  10. Advertisements 28%
  11. Local and state job boards 26%

As you can see networking plays a major role in getting the job.

Now the challenge for students is to make use of all the strategies. Its not like yo can start your job search today and get job tomorrow. It takes time and constant effort to build your network.

Have you started building your job serch network yet?



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