Top Colleges in America for 2013 – Forbes Rankings

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America’s Top Colleges list from Forbes is out and guess who is ranked #1 college in America? It’s Stanford University. But for most international students, college in second place is something you must have not heard about. It’s Pomona College in California.

  1. Stanford University
  2. Pomona College
  3. Princeton University
  4. Yale University
  5. Columbia University
  6. Swarthmore College
  7. United States Military Academy (West Point)
  8. Harvard University
  9. Williams College
  10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ranking Methodology

  • Student Satisfaction (22.5%)
  • Post-Graduate Success (37.5%)
  • Student Debt (17.5%)
  • Graduation Rate (11.25%)
  • Nationally Competitive Awards (11.25%)

I have to assume that Graduation Rate for International students should be fairly high.

With international Graduate Students, Graduation Rate should be even higher compared to Bachelors Degree students.

From an International Student perspective top concerns are financial aid, cost of education and job opportunities.

For an international student perspective, I think the rankings should be like this

  • Post-Graduate Success (75%)
  • Student Debt (25%)

Post Graduation Success depends on 2 factors = Awesome School + Student performance

You must read the following article 5 advantages of studying in top universities  understand the impact of school on Post Graduation success.

top ranked schools vs low ranked


  • Better School = Better Chance of Post Graduation Success
  • Better Post Graduation = High Rankings

You must stop looking at College Rankings and find schools that are best fit for your profile.

Try to get admit in a school that will help you grow your potential.  Stanford University is top ranked, but not everyone can get admission in Stanford.

Likewise, there is no ranking based on admission standards and qualifications. You can make a school rank better based on your output after graduation.

You can be attending top university and graduate by taking easy courses. You are not going to be as awesome as some one who attended lower ranked school but technically more adept than you.

At end of the day, it all comes down to your performance.


  1. i was rejected for Fl visa because my statement does not have sufficient fund i trying showing the VO my other means of fund the next thing is 214b
    pLS advice me on next thing

  2. Dear officer,
    I am a Civil engineering. I will be applying to continue my education in Us. I was wonder if you could tell me that which one of the universities in the US get scholarship to master students more than the other.

    1. Look into other posts of HSB… and for God’s sake improve your English. It is crucial for your future…

  3. and just run the rat race of chasing the best college, get in massive debt and doing the same old boring corporate job oh wait!! u get the best thing after doing all this…. its called the retirement!! such a awesome life…lol pardon for being blunt but that’s the truth

  4. hey raghu ,
    I would like to know which are the top universities to do Phd in Wireless communication / Telecommunication ???

    1. Search yourself, don’t expect help such small things,burn some MBs of your internet connection… and be self sufficient.When you point out some colleges and still have doubts then come back…

  5. So, ultimately Rank doesn’t matter but your performance matters. Nevertheless, try to get admitted in the best university you can. That’s the point?

    1. that’s what i need to know the best universities in my area … ????? So may i know them ???

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