Top GMAT Test Prep Books 2013

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The following is a list of the top GMAT test prep books for 2013.

So we have come up with this list of Top GMAT Books to help you. However, test takers should not considering of buying all GMAT test prep books in the market since that’s impractical.

Just get yourself a few good GMAT books, especially those required for

  • learning strategies
  • practice tests
  • and other kinds of practice tests.

Obtaining a high GMAT score is possible with dedicated effort and practice. The number of books that one has to buy depends on one’s GMAT prep time and target score based on one’s skill level.

Top GMAT Test Prep Books 2013

Along with having some top GMAT test prep books, you should have a solid GMAT study plan.

  • Take GMAT practice tests
  • Identify your weak area in GMAT
  • Take lots of practice tests and learn strategies to address your weak areas.

Use the Official Guide for GMAT when taking GMAT practice tests. These 3 Official GMAT books contain over 1,500 practice test questions.


  1. i need to score 450 in gmat as this is the official requirement for my ms-is program.

    can you please tell me whether these books will be enough? i’m yet to buy them.

    1 ) everything verbal ( rc / sc / cr / essays ) and strategies / shortcuts – princeton

    2 ) maths / ds / graphs – barron

    3 ) practice tests – gmac official guide

    i’ve heard that kaplan is not worthwhile for studying purpose as there are no tricks discussed and all the maths problems are done using step-by-step approach. also, the difficulty of practice tests is a little less than the gmac official guide, so is it still wise to buy the kaplan just for the sake of practice?

    do i need to buy all the three official guides ie official guide for gmat review, official guide for gmat verbal review, and official guide for gmat quantitative review – or the first one compensates for second and third?

    and which set should i read just before gmat – ONLY the official guides OR ( princeton + barron )

    regarding toefl; which book should i read just before the toefl – barron, kaplan, or ets?

    thanks in advance.

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