Top 10 Private Universities with Financial Aid

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Lets looks at list of  Top Private universities in USA that give Financial Aid for foreign students.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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It was not easy to find such list, but there was an indirect way to find list of top private universities with financial aid.

Let me explain the methodology, the indirect way

  •  Base Ranking based on Kiplinger Best Value Private Schools (source of financial aid data)
  • Derived Rankings  based on Non-Need Based Financial Aid Percentage

Kiplinger Ranking Methodology

  • Cost Factors – 43.75% 
    • Cost and financial aid: 31.25%
    • Academic support: 12.5%
  • Quality Factors – 56.25%
    • Competitiveness: 25%
    • Graduation rates: 18.75%
    • Student indebtedness: 12.5%

Based on above factors, Kiplinger have come up with Best Value rankings for Private Universities. Since 43.75% accounts for Financial Aid and cost which included the following data

  • Total Tuition Fee
  • Average Financial Aid (Need Based)
  • Average Financial Aid (Non-Need Based)
  • Percentage of Non-Need Based Aid

International students are not eligible for Need Based Financial Aid.

Non-Need based aid includes Academic based financial aid and international students fall under this category.

Sorting the universities based on highest percentage of universities that offer Non-Need based financial aid, gave the following Top Private Universities with Financial Aid for foreign students.

I added profile information about each university and major graduate programs offered.

View pages below to see top 10 private universities that offer financial aid for international students.


    1. hi i want to know on what basis does us university offers financial aid to students

      1. Financial aid/assistance for international students depends on availability of funds with the concerned department/graduate school/University. It is generally merit based for international applicants.

        International students can rely more on tuition waivers/RA/TA positions. If you stand out based on your academic and non academic achievements, you can definitely get some sort of assistance.

        Do check through the following posts:

        All the best!

  1. Hello raghu… would appreciate if you can highlight the top universities with financial aid from the Top 50 or Top 100 univeristies as in US news. and how much funding can an indian student receive

  2. Hii Raghu,
    I am planning to apply for fall 2013, dead lines for application coming very fast, but I have not given TOEFL exam, can I apply without TOEFL score and submit score later….


  3. i complete my fsc pre medical in 2011 now i want to do biotechnology and i want to out of country for further studies can u help me???

  4. Dear Sir,
    I am from Myanmar(Burma) and have graduated Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) since 2005. I want to learn further studies in civil engineering. I have no TOEFL and GRE. I am self supporting student and need financial aid or scholarship. Please suggest me some school available to me.

  5. Dear HSB, I am trying for MS in management and business administration (marketing is an option too) in the US. Could you please help me locate 4-5 colleges with good ranking and which provide a good financial aid for MS program. Please mention colleges that have good placement records.

  6. Wish to take a masters in Health Economics or MPH and specialise in Epidomiology. 27 year old Cameroonian with a BSc in Management and Minor in economics and 3 years working experience in commerce in the wood sector and other internship positions in health and Insurance sector. Please any list of American schools that do waive GRE ? Also, any grants for sub-saharan Africans ?

    Will also appreciate if test in likes of IELTS and TOEFL are waived?


  7. Hi
    Dear HSB,
    My major is Architecture I want to continue my education in USA.
    I search on the net, but I did not find good information.
    I do not know what should I do?
    I need scholarship….please guide me
    Thank you in advance

  8. i want to get admission without ielts . please send me the list of uk universities . i m M.A. Economics

  9. i want to no the financial aid available for nigerian in africa

  10. my request is also extended to well meaning philantropic and humanitarian organisations to grant me a scholarship in pursuit of a doctorate degree in epidemiology.I am a 27 year old liberian from an indigent background.I am driven academically to pursue higher education and would be very grateful for your assistance.I have a BSc in biology and a Master in Public health.

  11. This methodology is flawed I believe. You’re taking into account the “percentage” of students getting aid, not the number of students getting aid or the value of aid being given itself.

    1. It could be, but when students gets scholarship most likely they will get in-state fees. All it takes is $1000 schol to get instate.

  12. what is the minimum GRE score required to get the financial aid in all these institutes?

  13. my financial condition is average .so can u tell me how much scholarship can we get?

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