10 Jobs That Start at $50K+

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Almost everyone applying for graduate school studies in the U.S. at the end wanted to know how much can they earn after their graduate degrees.

To give you an idea of salaries for entry level jobs, here is a list of the top 10 jobs that pay more than $50,000 per year.

10 Jobs That Start at $50K+

  • 1. Investment Banking Analyst: $59,084
  • 2. Business Analyst, Computer Software. Typical Starting Salary: $50,727
  • 3. Forensic Computer Analyst. Typical Starting Salary: $51,852
  • 4. Junior Associate Attorney. Typical Starting Salary: $52,678
  • 5. Physical Therapist. Typical Starting Salary: $52,573
  • 6. Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). Typical Starting Salary: $67,166
  • 7. Electrical Engineer. Typical Starting Salary: $54,401
  • 8. Software Engineer. Typical Starting Salary: $56,795
  • 9. Pharmaceutical Sales Representative. Typical Starting Salary: $51,104
  • 10. Veterinarian. Typical Starting Salary: $59,084

After knowing these, your next question would likely be, “How much can I save if I earn $50k per year?”

Well, it depends on where you live. The cost of living is a major factor in the U.S.

For example, a 1 bedroom apartment rent in New York will be around $1,500 per month, whereas the same sized apartment in Texas or Florida will be less than $600.

But in general, salary will be higher in New York and other metro areas, where the cost of living is high.


  1. Hi raghuram,this is vijay from India.I have a bachelor’s degree in CS from a reputed college with an aggregate of 85%(8.45 cgpa).My toefl score is 80(R-17,L-19,S-22,W-22)and gre score is 292.I have a work experience of 9 months.I have two internships.Some decent extra curriculars.I wish to do MS in us in field of computer science.Can u suggest me some univs with low tution fee and high job probability.Pls do help me….

    1. Hi Vijay, Kindly post your query in the forum section. You will fin appropriate threads to post your query in. We would be happy to advice you on University selection.

  2. What is the salary for students with Masters in biomedical engineering? What is the job scenario?

  3. Sir/Madam,

    I am serving in Bank in India. I did my graduation from Panjab University India (In humanities). I visited USA on visiting visa. Can u suggest me, if can can do nursing basic course in USA. How much i have to spend for that.

  4. I am on a pending F1 visa from H1b.I am working part time unofficially to meet my living expenses.Do I accept cheques as remuneration.Even though the amount will be hardly $500 per month will I have any tax problems if I deposit cheques in my bank a/c? Are there any other options?

  5. @vinod: Entry level salary for Bioinformatics will start from 45,000/yr+ based on job location.

  6. Hi…

    Any idea about Biomedical Engineers?
    I’m going to the Univ of Connecticut, Storrs, for Fall 08.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. What is the current scenario of jobs in biomedical engg?? I have got an admit in USC for Spring 2013.

  7. @Aditya: good to see someone going to Cargnegie Mellon visiting my blog. I would like to hear more about your background, your GRE score. It would be nice, if you can write guest post to my blog on how you got into Cargnie Mellon.

  8. What career fields are the ones that provide H1B visa or green card sponsorship for international students? I know of Computer Science, Accounting and sciences. I know a lot of my friends who graduated with marketing or management, couldn’t find jobs in US and had to go back home. Sad story 🙁

  9. I am going for MS in Information Security. Any idea about the avg salaries for that field? I didnt found any such category in your list top 10. Between I am going to Carnegie Mellon univ. Would that aid in??(cuz any how my fees is huge).

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