Tri Valley University News – Provided Illegal Student Visa Status

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Yesterday there was a Tri Valley University News report on Tri Valley University Shutdown and university was shut down. More information was published today about the investigation.

Since its inception … Tri-Valley University has been a sham university, which Su, and others, have used to facilitate foreign nationals in illegally acquiring student immigration status that authorizes them to remain in the United States, …

….. Tri-Valley University have made millions of dollars in tuition fees for issuing the visa-related documents, enabling foreign nationals to obtain illegal student immigration status.

CE began its investigation in May 2010. The institution received is approval to issue visas in February 2009 and had the approval for about 30 students. In May 2009 the school had 11 active students that had received F-1 visas, and 939 by May 2010.

According to the complaint, more than 95 percent of students were from India. For more than half of them, the university reported their address was a single apartment in Sunnyvale – Rest of the Story here.

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  1. Mostly "students" from Andhra that were using this as a way to get around US immigration laws… what else is new?

    1. It's mutual. Students who cannot find jobs and running out of time to find a way to stay in status.

      1. Yeah! Right! We also must be aware of the laws. The fault is in both of them(The students and the university members).

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