Trip Report: North Carolina, Washington DC and Smoky Mountains

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Today lets enjoy a trip report submitted by HSB Fan after enjoying his winter break between semester.

( Don’t make a fuss about the note’s length, Ok guys. Just bear with me. I didn’t know any other better way to share my thoughts to you guys )

My holiday trip has etched deep memories inside me that I even felt nostalgic. I learnt a lot at the cost of a full stomach, I mean literally every night guys due to the concern of my cousins 😀 I have even put on a few pounds, guys!

North Carolina

Ok, to start with I had a one week stay at my first cousin’s house in North Carolina. At the end of it we all celebrated his son’s first birthday party. It was a grandeur one. I really, really felt at home after spending time with my cousin family. I went to lots of stores, fastfood restaurants like

  • Macy’s
  • Kohl’s
  • Nordstorm
  • Target
  • Dollar Tree & Party City
  • Apple Store – Have to mention it; Man, I haven’t even seen anything like it
  • Hooters – Best Chicken Wings I ever had – 911 & Garlic Chicken; Guys, you should ask me about the special waitresses down there  😉
  • ColdStone – America’s Best IceCream Shop
  • Sam’s Club – Walmart’s Wholesale Center
  • Chick-Fill-A – Founders of Chicken Sandwich

Finally after the B’Day party, me and my second cousin’s daring night ride to Washington DC from NC in order to avoid the following day’s snow storm. But we were already riding with the snow storm. It was a different experience, you know, riding while snowing and all the risks involved.

Great Smokys Mountains

Then me, my second cousin and his friends went to “The Great Smoky Mountains”, Tennessee State after a 8 long hour ride from DC. The climate was fantastic. First Day – Snow. We went hiking on a trail called the “Chimney Top” whose trail height is 17000 ft. It was really freaky as we approached the top.

smoky mountains fog

The snow went slushy all over the trail. So it was slippery and very dangerous. Then we started climbing down, um.. sorry we were literally sliding all the way down. Our clothes, shoes were all wet by the time we came down. It was a again a different experience – hiking on a snow trail.

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Next Day the climate was sunny. Though all the snow we had seen had melted away within a night, it was still beautiful. It was sight seeing at Gatlinburg – That’s the downtown of Smoky Mountains. After that, we went to a small waterfall. The chill temperature around, sunset, evening time – aw…. it was again beautiful. We had a splendid time together.

The final day – it was Raining. There was snow boarding, skiing and snow tubing etc etc. We skipped those because we couldn’t afford an entire day for it. So we went for Ice Skating. It was pure science. The only thing is that I wasn’t able to grasp it. So it was hilarious for everyone around watching me fall a dozen times.

It might seem a little easy on the outside but the even the wearing that shoe makes your ankles and feet ache like hell! And thats it for the third day. About the place where we stayed – it was a Wood House i.e., a Cabin with two floors. It was cozy. I also learnt to play 8 ball pool there at the cabin. What do you want in a wood house – you name it. Everything…. I mean literally… It was a fully loaded house. It just needs people to stay. I might even add that thats a nice place for a Honeymoon Spot.

Finally we all improvised our plans and had started the night before itself. We safely reached Washington DC. So three days, three different climates, all different activities and had lots of fun together chatting.

Washington DC

At DC, I started like 10 in the morning visiting Thomas Jefferson Building first. Inside it was The Library of Congress – which even comes in the movie National Treasure. They said that they even record the no of tweets to mark the change in the social habits. It was interesting. Then comes the The Capitol – US’s version of our Parliament. The House, The Senate and the history of Congress till the latest 112th had been kept for display. It was good knowing all their history.

Then I walked to the National Air and Space Museum – NASA’s. Spent 2 hours there. Then I visited the Natural History Museum. Another 2 hours there. I really liked spending my time visiting Museums esp. after I came to know of the Human Origins – Africa. So guys remember, we are all from Africa  lol

From there, I visited Washington Monument, The White House, World War II Memorial, Abraham Memorial and Albert Einstein Memorial. My bad, Obama wasn’t there at DC when I came around that place. I finished my sightseeing at 7 in the evening. 9 hours of continuous walk with a 20 min break while having lunch. At the end of the day, my feet and calf were aching like hell.

My trip’s over but still I really have to tell you the places I ate

  • Starbucks Coffee – America’s Best Coffee Shop
  • Taco Bell – Best place for Burritos and Tacos
  • Krispy Creme Donuts – America’s Best Donuts
  • Moby Dick House of Kabab – Arab Restaurant
  • Chipotle – Mexican Restaurant
  • Vietnamese Restaurant – Chicken Soup Noodles
  • Panda Express, Chinese Restaurant – The famous Orange Chicken
  • Penang, Malaysian Cuisine – Veechu Parotta, Egg Parotta and Salna. Just imagine guys, literally there was tears in my eyes. It was like a decade since I last tasted it in India.

I can’t forget it for my lifetime. This was my best vacation ever 🙂

Finally its all over. I came to my place all safe and good. You’re are probably wondering how I’m still alive after all of this. After all pain taking hiking, skating, hours and hours of sightseeing and esp. the stomach filling food. Even I wonder so. I even think that you guys are probably for cursing me for all of this.

😛 😛  This is for you guys!

Guys – Feel free to share your trip/vacation experience with few photos. I can post in the blog.

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  1. Awesome dude! Thanks for taking so much pain for posting this thing and thanks for HSB, who has provided everyone here to showcase what they've done in the US unlike other websites like, who just provide us with the outline rather than going deep within! Hats off to you HSB! And hey, I am happy that you've enjoyed a lot. I wish everyone would post atleast one thingy about their holidays/vacation in the US.

    Bye bye….

  2. Great trip experience ! I was in DC, but only wish I tried
    all the different cuisine… Road trips are amazing, I absolutely
    love them….

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