TriValley University’s Exclusive Contract with Consultancy in Hyderabad

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Tri Valley University was shutdown due to Immigration Fraud. Also there were reports of  Tri Valley University Students facing deportation from USA.

ICE released update on options available for TriValley students with SEVIS record terminated.

Recently Tri Valley University President responded to Department of Homeland Security about the charges filed against them.

Tri Valley University Response

…… The first contract TVU signed regarding international students was with ABS consultancy who originally request for an exclusive contract to represent TVU in India  to take the full responsibility of all TVU’s international students (but was not approved by the President).  TVU signed a contract with ABS that they will receive 20% of each international student’s tuition fee as the referral fee, and their responsibility including recruiting, referring students, VISA interview consultant, status change consultant, reinstatement consultant as well as airport pickup and accommodation. TVU’s first hundred of international students are all taken care of by ABS consultancy. From Application, they are all input the ABS consultancy’s CA address. When students arrive in California, they were picked up by ABS consultancy, temperately stay with them for couple of day. ABS then arranged them to stay at an apt in the same complex which ABS rent and charge the student for rental fee.

That staff’s (Anji Reddy who actually committed stealing money and cheated student and was fired) misunderstanding of concealing the fact that the student who live outside of in California is apparently his limited knowledge and interpretation. “Conceal a fact” claim is never true (but indeed a vicious attempt to tear the university down by that fires staff teamed with another criminal person Ram Krista Karra).  The University never told any staff in that way. As a matter of fact TVU’s ADM office wrote numerous DMV verification letters to many different states of our government agency stating that the student’s residence at a different state but attending classes over here. TVU later on hired staff to update student actual physical address, not the consultant address. With the frequent change of student address and quick growth of admitted students; the staff never completed the work.

……..However due to the quick growth pain, the administrative team do not catch up, also some students working as student assistant in the office has taken advantage of selling I20 or CPT for students money, ask students to give money to their account, and give students I20 (Anji Reddy and Ram Krista Karra).  Vijaya Ram Kolli is believed to be one of those students who did not even register a class, but obtain an I20 by the cheating office student assistant, who later on also feed wrong, threatening and defamation information (such as ABS address issues is just one) to ICE and many TVU students. We have fired them, later filed a police report against the two fraud individual.  Student Vijaya is one of the student victims.

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According to Deccan Herald

The NRI cell of the state government has gathered specific information about people and companies from AP involved in the scam. It has also decided to seek the help of the police.

It was found that the university had appointed two consultants for the entire South Asian region and interestingly, both were from Hyderabad. While the first is ABS Consultancy located in Vanasthalipuram, the other is IAEC Consultants Pvt. Ltd. located in Narayanaguda.

The NRI cell also found out that of the total 18 members on the Board of the TVU administration team, six were from Andhra Pradesh.

In the blog post – Truth About US Admission Consultancy mentioned about consultancy getting paid to recruit students. Above response from TriValley University shows 20% of Tuition fees is paid as commission per student. That might not be the case with every univeristy, but this gives an idea. Consulting is a business and they have to make profit too. But, challenge is to identify US admisison consultancy who will evaluate students profile and select universities as per students interest.

What Do you think?

What do you think about the response from Tri Valley and did you learn anything new about US Admission Consultancy? When you plan to apply using consultancy, do you expect them to declare the list of universities they have contract?


  1. sir i just want to know the schools which closes dead lines in the month of march.. i am planning for fall 2011

  2. hiii.. there…

    Could anyone tell me have NCSU, Umass and Virginia Tech have good funding as i would be totally reliant on loan and i am from very middle class family..

    I had got 95% in GATE 2010 but i am more fascinated to do MS as research prospective and MS GRE 1350 and acad 86%, but now when i am applying i feel and some people also say i wont be able to manage…

    I dont want to burden my parents too, but i am desperate for Master's…

    1. Hi Rashid

      At present these universities have very little funding available for Master's. So, chances of getting scholarship information alogwith your I 20 is remote unless your profile is eccentric. Depending on your performances you may get TA or RA in later semesters.

      Also, you must know that each department have their own funding. So, you need to contact people in the department under which you want to study regarding more information

  3. university gave job to students and they sold I-20s…defineatly students to blame..and one lesson for USA or for that any country looking to make foreign policies never ever give fulll authority to and person to recruit people from his own country as he will be jealous or kind hearted to his keens and you will loose the good brains. always cross check by third party better someone from USA itself. Not first or secone generation of migrant.

  4. TVU was making hay when the sun was shining!

    IMHO, its the responsibility of the SEVIS/DHS/ICE to ensure such sham universities do not exist.

    Giving a common address is not an issue (its something most students do when coming to US). Updating to the recent address after moving out of the temp accommodation is the issue. If TVU didn't ask/inform the student to do the same, its TVU's mistake. I guess, it all boils down to how well TVU was equipped to handle the international students!

  5. I believe students are the persons who are to be blamed for everything that has happened. No one in the world does good things, people always cheat, students should be one step ahead looking all over this so that they wont get cheated. I dont know how the students believed the consultancy because coming to the U.S. is a very big step in a students life and they cant give to some random XYZ to look over all their things..If at all students are not lazy and do the things by themselves then it wont be a problem because there are a lot of helping hands to MS students, they just have to be active to do things.

  6. This is a classic example of the Indian mindset of "Mera Bachha Amrikame Padrahahe" gone wrong.The parents and the students should have first checked the credibility of the university first.With internet its not like there is no dearth of information.Doing some basic ground work about the background of the universities like the reputation or no of years in existence is the minimum one could do.The students cannot be blame the university fully for this.Their greed for somehow obtaining a degree in the US by hook or crook has backfired.They are partially to be blamed for this.

    Now a days with masters in the US becoming so popular it is good to be skeptical of the new universities to a certain extant.

  7. A very interesting insight into the much hyped and often controversial TUV's official statement..this view presents the fact that the Consultancies are to be blamed and not the University as a whole..this entire case will definitely have a lasting impact on the Consultancy system in general and I hope that this would test the authenticity of all the consultancies..But the question which comes to a prospective students mind is how will this effect the VISA processing of those of us going to US for Fall'11..any views..

  8. Cant believe it it seems like all the consultants seem to have some or other connection with these guys

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