True Story About Satisfaction – Don’t Regret The Decisions You Make

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Comment from Tanay at New GRE will be Hard Nut to Crack

Instead of saying that New GRE is hard, say “Older GRE version is/was Easy..!” (At least in June/July.!) Giving GRE before these months means Examination without proper preparation. (A question to HSB: Why some students are so confident here abt new GRE.?!!)

I cannot speak for everyone, but I’m talking to those who screw up big time in GRE Reading Comprehension.

Not everyone is good at English and have good reading habits.

Those who are confident about New GRE can go for it. Having confidence is good, but one should not get the feeling “What if I had wrote GRE in old pattern”, if in case that are not satisfied with the GRE Score.

True Story of Satisfaction

Let me give an example about decision making and feeling satisfied about the decision I made. I got B grade is one of course during Masters. Course was structured like this

  • 3 Programming Assignments (20% each)
  • Exam 1  – 50% of syllabus (20% )
  • Exam 2 – 50% of syllabus (20%)

After completing the final written exam, I was going to get “B” grade. Professor gave an “make-up” exam opportunity. Cutoff  to get A was 89 out of 100.  But, I had to study the entire book for the make-up exam.

Students doing Masters will know that final week of the semester will be crazy. Sometimes deadlines for other courses (projects, assignments, tests)  will fall in within few days time. It was unfortunate to have 2 other programming assignments deadlines the night before.

I was completely exhausted after completing the projects, had no time to study for the next day 1:00 PM makeover test. I couldn’t continue to study after 7 AM (was awake all night), so decided to skip the test and went to sleep.

Around 12:45 PM (15 minutes to the test) I got up and had this feeling

I should not question my decision in my life in future, that I missed an opportunity to get  A grade. So, I washed my face and ran to take the test. Class room was about 5 minutes walk from the apartment. I scored 70 in the test. Eventhough I didn’t get A grade, I felt satisfied and it brings happy memories even now.

Same logic applies to New GRE vs Old GRE. You will always have an opportunity to take New GRE anytime after August 1, 2011.

If you miss the an opportunity today, then don’t even question your decision about not taking GRE in current pattern.


  1. after reading blogs of HSB since few days i find them truly informative and motivational…one thing to praise is that every knowledge imparted over here is for free and that is quite unusual..keep up the good work HSB admin you are doing a wonderful job 🙂 😀

  2. Hi! SO I stumbled onto this and I must say I'm impressed with the sheer amount of information it has. Really good.

    Now, as a second year student, I'm planning to take the new GRE. I did plan on taking this, but I'd rather take some time to study instead of cramming it in a month.

    My main question is, besides the verbal section, what else will be significantly tougher/challenging? And your thoughts/comments on those.

    Also; I hope you can do a blog on what actually happens in the new GRE after August if possible.


  3. Thank you for such a nice, motivating reply..!

    I m doing M.Sc. BioChemistry (2nd Sem). Still I had no knowledge abt GRE, thanx to your blog, now i know many things..!

    I (& many classmates like me) want to do Ph.D.(research) in U.S.

    I have to give New GRE in Aug/Sept..

    I saw some of your Links regarding the "University Selection" But felt that, for Research(Ph.D.) in U.S., some extra & different guidance/information is required.

  4. hi dis is vamsi sir u r blog is very helpfull to us sir i have a doudt that i am writing my GRE exam on 17th june 2011 sir if i have get lows in 1st attempt so if i should to improve my score so i need to write 2nd attempt of my exam if incase there no dates of current gre pattern exam what i should do wheather i should learn the new pattern of GRE or not? please help mee

  5. I am a regular follower of .I am impressed with the guidance which you guys are giving to students like me.I am currently doing my MS in Mechanical Engineering.I always recommend your website to prospective students who ask me for guidance.

    Keep up the Great work.

    1. Thanks Sagar. Since you are already in US, what kind of post would help you?

      1. Since I enrolled in Spring semester(1st Semester) this year without work experience.I wanted to know how should I approach the companies related to my field of interest.I am specialising in IC Engines.

        I am shortlisting the list of companies.

        I am using linkedin which you suggested.I wanted to know the format where I can introduce myself to the company group which are in linkedin(I mean starting discussion which you mentioned).

        Also the resume writing services which you suggested.I wanted to know is it enough to get resume evaluated from university career services because most of my university friends are using that service but very few got calls from companies for internships.

  6. I liked the blog! Inspiring. Wish to read such a personal experience and a deep philosophy of life.

  7. I read a lot of HappySchoolsBlog and it has helped me tremendously since the time of preparing for my GRE's to getting an IVY League University to VISA preparation to coming to the US and now internship hunt. The blogs have been really really helpful and always encouraging. I must say that you guys are really doing a noble job by helping those who are really struggling to get a breakthrough in which ever phase of trying to study and establish themselves abroad.

    Are you guys Buddhists by any chance ??? Anyways Keep it going !!!!

    CHEERS !!!!

    1. Thanks for your comments. Glad you got admit in Ivy. Do you mind sharing your experience?

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