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I am from a Middle class family so my dreams of pursuing a M.S in Transportation engineering from the U.S can only be fulfilled if i can obtain a scholarship.

I gave my GRE on the 29th of September ,2011 at the Kolkata center.

After a gruelling session of verbal, quantitative and AWA I was tired but considerably happy.

When my results finally came I had scored 154/170 in verbal , 161/170 in quanti and 4/6 in Analytical writing. My toefl score is around 108. My overall GPA is 8.6/10 which I consider to be within the top 10 in a class of 66.

  1. I am thinking of applying to colleges like:
  2. TEXAS A&M, College station

Due to the change in the scoring format I am not quite sure about my above profile. It would be very helpful if my following questions can be answered:

  1. Are my marks good enough for the above universities.
  2. Is there a possibility for scholarship.
  3. Suggestion of some colleges suitable to my interests and profile.(Scholarship is very important)

MS in Transportation Engineering

It’s not just you,  many more students who have strong desire to study in USA, lack financial resources to study in USA.

My  New GRE Score Average or Good?

You have good GRE Score (Verbal 145 and Quantitative 161). For MS in Transportation Engineering, if you select the right Universities, you can get admission (with possible scholarships).



  1. sir i score 49 % in grade 12 . it is good enough to study abroad in malaysia ? if yes in which university should i apply ?

  2. Respected sir, i’m balaji completed m.sc biochemistry my percentage is 63.5 and my tenth to degree marks are so average i had 10 th 48% and my 12th -49% ,degree -58%.this marks are eligible to join usa universities …now im persuing ielts and how much i got score sir …..any possibility to join abroad university..pls tell me sir,

  3. Hi
    I am fresh graduate of BS computer science now i want to do MS in networks from any excelent university of Canada on full scholarship. CGPA is 2.73. please suggest

  4. Hello Guys,

    I am Krishna from Bangalore planning to apply for masters in computer science in USA for Spring 2013.

    I am working in a MNC in software industry. I have an experience of 3.5 years. ( would 4.2 exp. by then)
    GRE – 308 – ( Quant – 161 , verb -147 , AWA – 3.0 )
    Yet to take Toefl. ( expecting somewhere between 95 -100)
    BE – 77.67%
    10th – 79.68%
    12th – 73.34%

    I am planning to apply for

    Rugters, the state university of newyork
    University of Pennsylvania
    State university of New York , Sunny Stony Brook
    University of Florida
    North corolina state university
    Arizona state university
    University of Texas , Arlington
    New jersey institute technology

    Please let me know about my profile,
    Is it good enough to get into above mentioned college with partial financial assistance or RA ?


    1. I actually meant if the profile is good enough to get into any of the above mentioned college with partial financial assistance or RA ?

  5. You have good profile. But AFAIK, the chances of scholarship are almost impossible for an MS student atleast for. 1-2 semester. And you need solid research experience to convince any professor. University of Minnesota is excellent & it do gives out MS admits with some form of assistantships occasionally, if they’re convinced about student’s research potential .


    1. thanks a lot for ur time . any info on the above universities or on any alternate universities is always appreciated

  6. I have a GRE score of 306, verbal-147 quant-159, Analytical writing 3, I have TOEFL iBt score of 99, CGPA-3.51, I’ve applied to UTSA and NJIT,How much chance do I get to have admission and funding?

  7. Hi,

    I AM Laxmankant and i am from Hyderabad India, see i am Bsc Computer graduate, and my work experience sales&marketing so i want to do MBA in USA. So i need how to advice from here how to forward my process ? could you help out me.

  8. Hi Every body,
    Is there any one applied to Notre Dame University and accepted for Fall 2012?

  9. Your profile exactly looks like mine. My CGPA-8.73, Toefl-114, GRE-1500,4.5 .
    Area- Mechanical (Thermal)
    And I have applied to
    1) Penn State- waiting- no hope at all,
    2) Virginia Tech- Reject
    3) Wisconsin-Madison- Under Review-a little bit of chance,
    4) Clemson- Admit,
    5) Drexel- Admit with assistantship

    My advice, No use applying Virginia Tech especially if you don’t have previous research work. But if you have then go for it.

    Good Luck!

    1. I am also waiting for decisions from Virginia tech, Pennstate, Wisc, Illinois- UC, Purdue, Umich, georgia tech and RPI. Till now, all are under review. Pretty strange. My profil is like yours as well. GRE- 1520, Toefl -112. Congrats for getting assistantship in Drexel. How much tution waiver did you get?

        1. Do projects done as part of college curriculum carry any weight towards my overall profile

  10. One thing I would suggest is, search for similar profiles in edulix forum who applied in previous years. Some people mention the scholarship details along with admit. So, you can get some university names from there. Check whether others who got admit in those universities got schoolarship or not. You’ll get a basic idea of what universities to consider and the kind of profiles getting scholarship from that college. Also, try to apply very early,say atleast around 10 months early. The scholarship deadline is usually very early for most of the colleges. All the best!

  11. Commercialization is fine, but such blatatant of HSB sucks ! If you had to say this to this particular reader then you could’ve messaged him directly. You can insinuate publicity slowly and safely, but if you do it such blatantly then Downhill shall be thou’s path and then thou shall remember thee’s warning !!! Anyways good luck !!!

    1. He had 3 questions. I answered that his GRE is good and he can get aid if right schools are selected.

      You must be well aware I don’t evaluate profiles.

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