40 Universities for GRE Score 1300 to 1450

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Wouldn’t it be useful to you guys, if I can give a list of Universities for all combinations of GRE Score Range?

I’m not sure if I can give a complete list for all possible GRE Scores, departments, etc.

But, today I’m sharing the list of Universities for GRE Scores 1300 to 1450.

Note – Always try to match your profile, interest, professor’s research, schools requirements with your scores.

If I give a list with several schools, doesn’t  mean you have to pick one from the list of universities.

Do your research about each university. Pick the best fit universities for your profile.

List of Universities for GRE 1300 to 1450

  1. University of Florida – Average GRE Scores – University of Florida
  2. Clemson University
  3. Rutgers University ( Rutgers University Average GRE Scores)
  4. San Jose State University
  5. University of Georgia
  6. University Of Houston – M Campus
  7. University of Illinois – Chicago
  8. Mississippi State University
  9. Ohio University
  10. Oklahoma S U – Still Water
  11. Texas A&M University College Station
  12. University Of Texas – Dallas – Average GRE Scores – University of Texas at Dallas
  13. West Virginia University
  14. Syracuse University
  15. University of Washington Bothell Campus
  16. Carnegie Mellon University
  17. Ohio State University – Columbus
  18. Rochester Institute Of Technology
  19. NorthEastern University
  20. Suny Buffalo
  21. Arizona State University
  22. George Mason University
  23. Indiana University – Bloomington
  24. University Of Texas – Arlington
  25. New York University
  26. North Carolina State University
  27. University of Southern California
  28. Columbia University
  29. University of California – Los Angeles
  30. University Of Pennsylvania
  31. University of Maryland Baltimore Country
  32. Kansas State University
  33. University of Kansas
  34. Georgia Institute of Technology
  35. John Hopkins University
  36. Purude University
  37. Cornell University
  38. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
  39. University Of Arizona
  40. University of California Santa Barbara

Hope you find the above list of universities for GRE Scores 1300 to 1450 useful. Here is link to few more lists


  1. hi…m BE,MBA ,planning to give GRE feb 2012,and want admission in university of the Washington bothell,can u please tell me what score i should get with the new GRE.?

  2. Hi..
    i want to get admission during January 2013 so, upto which month i should give GRE .

    1410 in GRE with extensive study
    92 in TOEFL with less intense study
    6.5/7 in Bsc ind Chm, interested in PhD Nano science & technology.
    worked as a lab /chemical analyst in a geo-consulting firm and has done several community projects on Waste Management,HIV/AIDS and Diarrhea.
    i actually selected my schs b4 seeing your blog. but chose low schs, would like to know if my profile is good enough for UFLORIDA, Georgia tech, U southern Carolina

  4. hey 🙂
    i’ve scored 1200 in my gre (old pattern) with 720 in quant…….is there any possibility that i can make it into georgia tech with that score.
    plese help.
    THANX 🙂

  5. Can we get the same for Revised GRE score 1150-1300??
    Mine is 1170-1320(Quants:750-800,Verbal:420-520)

  6. u forgot Univ of texas austin and a couple other..dnt remmber the later ones now..

  7. I have a 1260 score in my GRE with 800 in Quant.
    I have worked on various national and international projects with good leadership and research experience in government aerospace (I am working on the same aspect of engineering which I intend to do my MS /Phd in). Could you please advice me, if I should still apply for UCB and CMU, Purdue and GIT ? Good academics and LORs..

  8. MY gre score range is 1220-1400…. I sent my scores to San Francisco state university, San jose state university, Illinois Institute of technology and University of Texas, Arlington. I am applying for MS in electrical Engg. I am inclined to go to SFSU solely because of the low fee rate there. Could you please tell me whether its a wise choice to make with regards to how the university is, its reputation etc? I am totally confused because SFSU doesn’t feature on any top 100 ranked university lists iv seen so far. Thank You. Amazing work with the lists.

  9. Thanks. Helped me a lot.
    But, I’m surprised that UC-Irvine is not included.

  10. I scored 99 in TOEFL.
    My average in B.pharm is 65%.
    I have my GRE exam on 25th of oct..I am not well prepared and i am weak at maths..Should i reschedule my date of exam ? Is it possible to prepare for GRE in 20 days?
    I wish to do Phd in pharmacology..
    Could you please suggest me a list of universities for the same as i do not have enough knowledge about universities.

  11. nice list..covers all the decent universities for that range..
    San Jose state university a 1300-1450 range university?! From what I heard it’s more 1100-1200 range university right?! It has pretty good reputation bt is not a top 100 university

    1. I thought about it and its one of tops schools for foreign students. So, I included it in there.

      1. I need profile evaluation. I’m an avid follower of your blog and have recommended it to many of my friends. Please let me know the process.

      2. Ya true! Many international students at sjsu..and especially high number of Indians..I actually heard a rumour that visas are being rejected due to large number of Indian students getting selected..is it true??
        I know visa rejection depends on a number of factors bt this was a rumour I heard ..just wanted to confirm?!

          1. Um no..just read it in some site! That’s de reason I mentioned it as a “rumour”!

    2. San Jose is a worthless university.Not good enough for an international student

    1. It’s difficult for one to get into University of California, Berkeley with GRE 1300 – 1450 unless one have a very good profile.

    2. @Yash,That University would depend more on your profile (obviously fulfilling the minimum criteria of Gre)

      @HSB,Can you please correct if I am wrong.

        1. HSB, I am working as a IT Consultant with an Indian Company and My client for the last years have been Goldman Sachs. I recently appeared for gre and scored 1200-1300. What do you think of my chances if I apply to USCB ? Also what would be your list of 5 colleges that I can apply ? I am looking for Computer Science / Finanace courses only.

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