University of Alabama at Birmingham (Grad Admission with Scholarship)

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School: University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Major: Computer and Information Science
  • Degree: Masters (2002 to 2004)
  • GRE 1810/2400
  • TOEFL: 250

Financial Aid:

If you get an on-campus job, you are qualified for in-State tuition fee and that is less than half the regular fees.

Most of the students manage to get an on-campus job.
Cost of living is very low.
A two-bedroom apartment costs between $450 and $600.

I also learned that in Fall 2007, most of the students who applied got admitted with some forms of Scholarship or Assistantship.

So I advise our readers to check out UAB and try to talk to a couple of seniors who are attending the University of Alabama @ Birmingham.

It does look like a good school to study at, since getting a part time job will qualify you for in-State fees. 

About UAB

This school offers doctoral programs in 37 areas, post-master’s education specialist programs in 8 areas, and master’s level programs in 50 areas, spanning across various disciplines.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham ranks among the top 20 institutions receiving federal research funding. With more than $433 million dollars in funds, UAB is home to more than 100 research centers.



  1. i got a gre score of 1020 can u tel meee the list of colleeges for my score

  2. @ anushka

    Majority of the schools, when you get RA or TA you will be eligible for in-state. so, it will be the case with UAB.

  3. Hi,

    Since PhD students at UAB are asked to work as TA as a part of their curriculum. Does that make them eligible for in-state fees?

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