University of Northern New Jersey

University of Northern New Jersey Was 100% Fake University. 1076 Students Could be Deported

Everything about University of Northern New Jersey was 100% Fake.

  • 21 Brokers and Agents Recruiting for University of Northern New Jersey was arrested by Federal Agents.
  • 1076 Students – mostly from India and China could be deported ( and their visas are going to be revoked)

We have seen this happen with Tri-Valley University. This time, it’s University of Northern New Jersey (UNNJ).

University of Northern New Jersey – News Update


Sad part was that agents recruited students even when they knew there are no classes offered.

Students got F1 visa to study in University of Northern New Jersey.

UNNJ was 100% setup by Federal Agents to find how Fake Colleges and Degree Mills work. They set a trap for recruiters.

I’m sure, there should be agents outside U.S.A who did some recruiting as well.

Do you know any student who is affected by this “100% Fake University”?

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  1. Vevemundo on April 19, 2016 at 10:07 AM

    Wow! So sad about for people that really try to do exactly steps. And sometimes we stayed BLIND to research more and check more informations., because it is the dream and a lot of people want get prosperity, study hard, come back to the country to invest our study on the right way for the better world. But, fake things are around us all the time. Hope the real and right students can get the opportunity to keep the focus: study.

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