University of Northern Virginia – Raid

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Remember Tri Valley University Raid? Now comes University of Northern Virginia raid by FBI

Several Students have posted comments that raised concerns about UNVA. Infact one student said “UNVA should Next on ICE’s List”

Quoting From Chronicle of Higher Education

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security raided the University of Northern Virginia on Thursday morning, hauling away computers and boxes of paperwork and notifying the suburban Washington institution that it may lose its ability to accept foreign students.

A Homeland Security spokeswoman, Cori Bassett, said Thursday night that she could not provide details about what led federal agents to raid Northern Virginia, citing an ongoing investigation.

The raid on Northern Virginia, which has called itself the most popular American university for Indian students, is likely to cause an uproar in India, the second-largest sender of foreign students to the United States.

Federal regulations say that foreign students must be physically present on campus and can take no more that a single course per semester online. Northern Virginia officials have said that its students commute regularly to Virginia to attend classes.

 From ICE Site

Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP)-certified schools are subject to a review of their certification at any time based on regulations.

On July 28, 2011, pursuant to a review of University of Northern Virginia’s (UNVA) certification, an SEVP representative served school officials at UNVA with a Notice of Intent to Withdraw (NOIW) the school’s SEVP-certification and SEVIS access.

More Details to Come. Stay Tuned.



  1. OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!! I think this incident tooooooooooo is going to affect out Fall-2011 VISAs totally. What to do now……I’ve my VI on 2nd of August. How to exactly identify whether a university is accredited?? Are the state universities accredited ?? A want to go for California State University Northridge is there any problem with that??


    1. Yes, state universities are accredited.

      How can students be so ignorant? You should check all these out BEFORE applying, not when you’re 3 days away from your visa interview. Honestly, these students are better off not going to the states.

  2. If people decide to go to low ranked universities, they should check them on Wikipedia for endowment and read about its past, which might at least give an idea of what the university is like.

    But basically, all for profit schools are unaccredited and should not even be touched by students.

    1. Wikipedia may be a good source for preliminary information I believe that it must never be relied upon to present accurate information.

      I have found this to be a better link –


      I suppose the information contained will certainly be more authentic.

  3. Despite a vigilant Homeland U.S. Security and strict admission regulations, it is heartening to see the Illegitimate way these spurious Universities are functioning. Earlier it was Tri-Valley University & now it is UNIVERSITY OF Northern Virgnia.
    You never know, there may be many more skeltons in the cup-board!
    After all how such Universities & Institutions can operate without proper accredition from the
    competent authorities & why the students seek admissions to such spurious Universities without
    ascertaining their authenticity.

    1. Dude, The same case is in India also.

      IIPM, I think you must be aware of this institue. UGC have mentioned clearly that IIPM is neither an University nor a college. And it is not approved by UGC and their degree is not approved by UGC.

      Still students are taking admission in IIPM and getting job. Atleast USA has some rules and they are very strict in all of these things.

      1. We can’t compare India with America. We are only 60 yrs old whereas U.S.A.IS A MATURE Democracy having more than 200 yrs. of living history. It is a World Leader and can’t afford to act in a weird way…..not in any sphere of life including Education.
        You can’t compare IIPM’s of India with eshtablished U.S. Education System. Anandam Choudhary is a Trainer & a motivator only, he is not an Educationist.
        A METHAI WALA Vendor can be a Haldi Ram Laddoo wala but can’t be a Vice Chancellor.
        How many scholars IIPM or Chandi Mal Institute of Technology & Management have churned out in last one decade………I guess no CEO of the Global economy is their product. Is thare any?

        1. Yeah, you are absolutely right. Atleast US has best systemt. But you know one thing, in most of the cases of these fraud University in USA consist 90-95% indian student. And Mostly from south (please don’t take it as offensive comment).

          And these institute are working in india to get profit. There is no other aim of these institute. And They can’t make CEO’s. Without seeing profile of University how can any one apply in these Universities?

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