Don’t Use the Word F*ck in Professional Emails — Learn to be a Professional

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Happy Schools Blog readers, here is an email thread involving one of our blog readers who replied with the F—— word.

It’s not acceptable to use the work "fuck" in an email conversation or when sending professional email communications. Many people have lost jobs and careers simply because they just can’t control their emotions.

Read the following online conversation and please leave your comments and thoughts.


Sir, I am Upendra and I’ve benefited a lot from your blog! I have an honest query.
I read your “STUDENT GUIDE TO U.S” e-book. You have clearly given the flow chart for applying to the fall semester. It’d be much more helpful if you provide a similar one for the Spring semester.
Thank You.


We are planning to include Spring Flow Chat for our Premium Members, which we will be launching in the coming weeks. Are you planning to apply for Spring 2010?


My GRE score is 1,330 and am awaiting my TOEFL score (I should score 100+). I have 93% in std X and 97% in std XII and 80% in B.E (ECE).
I have applied for communication engineering programs (fall 2010) at the following universities:

1) U of Wisc, Madison
2) U of Florida ,Gainsville
4) U of Texas, Dallas.

Will I be able to secure an admission in any of these universities?
Please suggest me all the steps that I need to take in order to get a financial aid. I am sure that without an aid I won’t be able to make it to the USA.
Also suggest me some good European Universities

Awaiting your reply

And the discussion continued where he had to use the F Word. [Read the comments below for more details.]


So what do you think of this email conversation? We received similar emails once in a while, but this one was a bit too much.

If you were in our position, how would you respond to Upendra? Leave a comment to below with your thoughts.


  1. People , the admin is posting his own F ing comments.




    u can visit edulix etc


    The admin is probably so sick he wants attention like this, knowing noones reading his MISLEADING articles.

    hey u want me to post links? POST EVERY SINGLE SHHHIT ARTICLE HERE , everythn is misleading….

    makin money out of other people who wanna study. is this wat u call INDIAN CULTURE.

    COME ON GUYS teach him a lesson.

    Y m i taking all this time to type these?? BECAUSE I AM INDIAN!

    1. Respected pratyusha

      greetings , i am so glad that you came back to answer.

      first thanks for your statement that you are an Indian

      good friend , i appreciate this sense of belonging.

      My dear young man i am to understand that you are now studying in USA,can you give me your university and department in which you are pursuing your education.

      Please be frank and open

      touch your heart and respond.

      i am of the opinion you are an honorable man

      before you proceeded to US for your higher studies did you not find this blog useful.

      and did you not benefit out of the input here.

      if you did not find the posting informative, why you did not revolt then dear pratyusha.

      it is easy for you now being in usa

      if you really feel like helping other fellow Indians about the spam of this blog. go ahead and make a complaint buddy to the concerned authorities

      and that way you will have done some service to young aspiring students

      my dear this is a blog and there are free articles that guides to student.

      only premium club membership is a paid service

      it is up to one to join or not to join

      you are at liberty to do so

      that is exclusively for person to person questions and answers.

      there must be quite huge no people visited this site.

      none has found it useless.

      perhaps you "pratyusha" found it now useless

      for reason known to you only

      any way pratyusha do me a favor friend

      do kindly reply what university and the course, you are pursuing in USA.

      i wish you success my dear pratyusha in your choosen subject

      And you can do a better service by your first hand information,since you are in USA,NOW

      it will benefit lot to the seekers of information

      regarding US universities , admission proces, gre and tofel Scholarship,aids, fees , which is the best university for each filed etc.

      you can start a blog it can be paid also

      if that happens friend i will be first one to enroll my self as a paid member. i am willing to pay.

      doubt not

      do inform me dear pratyusha

      thank you for your response

      thank you for coming back

      i wish you abundance of peace

      i wish you abundance of wellness

      i type this because i am a Human

      citizen of the free world.

      with lots of love

      from India



    2. …makin money out of other people who wanna study. ..

      What do you think US Universities are doing? Making money from you. You think Education, they think Business.
      Why they want more International Students? They Out of State Fees!

  2. Knowing this site better i would not support the comments of Upendra.

    He might have been harassed with many such websites where they ask money and doesn't do much.he might have taken this site to be the same.He is not well aware of the site completely.That might be the reason he used such words.

    But what ever the reason might be he crossed the limits.

  3. Hehehe….I would like to start with saying that the F* word has become very common these days…The reasons behind this might be many…these days students think that it is a fashion to use such words.After watching hollywood movies they are more influenced to such things…And we Indians do whatever the west does!!!Myself going through all the stages of processing for a Masters in US I can understand what feelings run through our mind during that period……we become overconfident and start speaking english(with increased use of 'yup','nope',and obviously the 'f* word')…which is not the right thing to do! My friends I request every indian student not to get influenced by the west. Initially I thought its ok to use such words but I really felt very bad when i heard many americans yelling "JESUS [email protected]#*ING CHRIST" when something bad happens. Is that the way to refer to somenone like JESUS(P.B.U.H)???? I think students use this F-word repeatedly because this is the only word they know in English. This message was to Mr.Upendra and i request people like him to be indian,think indian and speak indian!!!!and instead of using such words try to learn 5 new words everyday in english that will improve our language.

    And coming to HSB, you are doing a great job and my wishes are always with you!!Just dont get let down by such mails which are one in a hundred.Just delete those….and continue your good work!!!


  4. Its ironical but true that when u provide free service to people they take it for granted.Upendra is freaky imbecile.

    @Easwaran its the petty indian culture of this time that has made Upendra to behave like that.

  5. Its ironical but true that people take things for granted.It doesnt if HSB has answered to 99% of questions but the remaining 1%, when it fails to answer the issue people start thrashing and behave like an imbecile.Upendra is no different.And @easwaran its the petty indian culture of this time that has made Upendra to behave like that.

    1. My Dear young friend Mr.Sandeep

      I am really pained by the behavior of our young friends, the future of India lies on their shoulder.Hope our friends rectify their misdeeds. Our culture is great. we always shared what we had .History is full of proof for this noble act of our elders.

      the young mind is now adulterated due to movies and Tv programes that bombard them with violence and unethical ways living.

      we want every thing free. including knowledge.

      is it possible? some can teach, some can reach and some can preach but one who transform you is the one to be revered.

      may be people will differ with me. they have the right to do so

      but i honestly feel this blog is doing a good service, either it is free or paid service, i can afford to pay the charges for upgrading my self.honestly i have saved at least 15k

      there are many fly by night Educational consultancy services are here in our country. they charge quite huge fees, it varies from 15k to 20k, and all they do is to assist you in filling your forms, rewriting you SOP, LOR, they even charge you for sending the documents by courier. you will have to pay.

      for example i am enlightened by one answer here in this blog that one can directly opt to pursue ones PhD. no need to do study M.S

      it was a revelation. and trust me the universities give scholarship in the form tip , to pursue your thesis for the benefit of the world.they give this out of growth.

      not free, the student has to focus on research not on basic needs. it is good to see.recently i read in the news paper that the world no 1 university MIT gave free admission to an indian student who visually challenged. can we expect this to happen with best colleges in our country.

      no consultancy official told me this, i have consulted at least 10 consultancy people regarding my son's higher study M.S (Mech)

      every body wants to grab their share from your purse.

      in that i am blessed to pay a decent money to the blog.

      i am rewarded honestly.

      we forgot to be joyous people. we forgot our ancient culture.

      only you will find in this great country ours, that the teaching about Eternity. Your Mother and father , Master(teacher)and then only God.

      most of the time people are more in unconscious state, what i mean is mechanical, they react not respond.

      react with their mind. logic, etc

      if only they respond, for that they need abide in heart.

      any way friend Hope we forgive and forget this incident

      Many have used this site for their growth and some have abused it

      it is all in the game

      thanks for your time and your views

      keep smiling young man

      life is more joyous. in spite of all these.




  6. The amount u are charging for giving personal attention is good enough, but preventing some articles(which seem more important) from public display is a kind of injustice to the large number of long term followers of your blog….

  7. Whatever was to happen has happened….I think it's time to move on…….HSB should not pay attention to people like Upendra…..

    Instead, it should do what it does best — Guide and help students like me 🙂

    One thing I would like to say here….HSB is THE BEST ! It's amazing to realize how much HSB has helped me in the application process. It has been a true guide for me !

    Keep up the good work HSB and it would be better if such issues are forgotten ! 🙂

  8. This discussion is really unfortunate!! Upendra presented a bad example.

    HSB are doing a good job and must continue and such comments should be avoided.

    "It's all about mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't even matter"

  9. fuck you all ….. any site which actually asks for money for private counselling is no better than the soo many counselling services taht are open all around you.

    When HSB asks us weather we ask sevis or ETS what thier fee is, they forget, that SEvis maintains a record of all non immigrants for which tehy employ personnel who they have to pay and thus they ask us to pay us, on the other hand Agencies such as ETS provide the retarded, but nessecary tests such as the toefl which i personally feel is a way to dupe us but still, is necessary for even applying to atleast the US.

    I dont mind HSB being money minded but the way money has cause the quality of teh content to detiorarate, that is a problem. I subscribed to the blog only becuase i wanted to keep in touch with what all procedures do people undergo before they come to the US and i am kind of shocked to see the difference in quality of postings, and also how HSB is showing such a thread publically trying to act all nice.

    Just leave people to thier own, when you recieved the first fuck off comment then you should have stopped communication with the person but isntead , by continuing the post u show that u r definately an immature admin and are incapable of handling the problems taht may reach u in coming times.

  10. in my opinion, the use of the f word was highly immature. but since i am a customer and well wisher of HSB, i would advise them to close this thread since continuing it will result in loss of potential customers.

  11. Funny story.

    I'm sorry but it is actually unprofessional of HSB to post this thing in the blogs and start a mudslinging (that will stop me from subscribing to HSB). Upendra's behavior is childish (belies his academic credentials) but all net admins face those trolls, doesn't matter if they are providing good service for a small charge or even free service to a community. Please understand that it is not your duty to teach him how to behave and better for you to take Upendra in your stride and just get on with it.

    1. @Salman – Thanks for your concern. Discussion was posted not with the intent to reach Upendra a lesson, but to show 100,000+ readers a bad example. If we had to teach him a lesson, his full name could have been posted, which will affect him in very long term.

    2. I go with what Salman says.It is impossible to satisfy everyone.No matter how well you do your job there will be freaks like Upendra once in a while go complaining.So you must continue your good work and forget about this incident.

  12. I think he was expecting too much from HSB. You have provided so much free information that he thought you would give him free personal-counseling too. But HSB is not about that.

    So I think he should watch his words before saying things like that. After all, all creatures on the world are just doing one basic thing, and that is to survive. HSB is also doing that by a good way. If he wants more out of HSB, he should pay.

    Upendra, if you are reading this, you should apologize.

    1. Friends

      it is absolutely disgraceful for an educated to use these words,

      is this for your parents have provided you education.

      it is highly deplorable and the concerned must appeal for unconditional apology. it is certainly not tolerable especially in this good blog.friends you will not get satisfied with many answers.

      one should have utmost patience and faith in the blog admin.

      if you want fast and free reply it is not possible.

      after all you are going to a better place for your study, if you enact this temperment at that place of learning , i am sure you will pay dearly.

      who ever it is mr.Upendra please take a moment to ponder what you have done is highly unpardonable and i am sure life will reward you accordingly. remember that the universal power always saying 'thathasthu" as you wish so it shall be.

      you will be paid very dearly in your life my dear young man.

      watch your step.

      all said and done , i don't agree with this mad reaction of this crazy young educated ???? student.

      i do not agree.

      the admin can ban him , this is a public domain where utter decency is to be maintained. friends if you don't like the reply

      you can ask again.

      you can not just abuse. it is punishable under law.

      be warned young man


    2. hi

      I dont think Upendra has done anythin wrong.

      Happy Schools functions is money minded and all articles r short n misleading.

      As a student from USA, I dont thnk this is a gud place

      I know this thing ;l be removed by the adms , but these people really suck , n u aspirants shd know better.

      1. 1) As a student from USA you should have paid for some fees like GRE Exam Fee, TOEFL Exam Fee, Application Fee, Student Visa Fee, SEVIS Fee and comes the Tuition Fee. Dirung this process, did you send email to ETS or University or Consulate asking why they are charging a fee?

        2) "Articles are misleading" – Post the link to any article that you think is misleading and we will discuss why you think it's misleading

        3) "Articles are short" – It's easy to say its short, lets bring it on. I will challenge you to start a blog and post 675 articles in 2 years, which is atleast 1 article per day, then we will discuss about length of the article.

        4) "Happy Schools Blog is Money Minded" – If you think so what would you say about ETS, Consulate, University, Airline you flew? Did you get to fly free to US or take GRE exam for free?

      2. @pratyusha: So what's wrong with being money-minded? This is a service, and a good one at that? I find the "As a student in the USA, I don't think this is a gud place" statement rather amusing. It transcends your pretension. Do keep us updated of your charitable exploits for which you are studying so hard in the US.

      3. Respected Student from USA Mr.Pratyusha


        good that you said this blog is money minded, well my young and ambitious friend please respond to me if you really care to grow.

        1. why did you to choose to pursue your higher education in USA

        2. is it out of quest for knowledge or for a lucrative job or career. in tern for big money!!

        3. is it greed or need that has taken you to USA

        4. young friend. look at the charges that are quite affordable when compared to the university application form cost .

        5. touch your heart and convince your self can you do it. free consultancy for the time that you spend on updating the blog which will be better or par with this blog

        6. before supporting Mr.Upendra ,please ponder yourself

        is this the culture we are brought up.

        in our Great country respect to other is most important.

        that is the meaning of "NAMASKAR"

        = I honor the place in you

        in which the entire universe dwells

        i honor the place in you

        which is of love, of truth,of light,and peace.

        when we are in that place in you and

        i am in that place in me

        we are one"

        Education with out character is no use.

        what is the use of education

        if it does not help you and others to abide in peace.

        this country has witnessed many enlighten beings

        like Buddha, swami Vivekananda, who as a young monk conquered the hearts of many by his powerful speeches.

        ask yourself Mr.Pratyusha if you can support a gentle soul who has miss used the human value of being nice and gentle by his unspeakable words in the open forum like this which is read by many young minds, beautiful minds.

        i feel really sorry for you ,

        for supporting our young but ugly and diseased mind who could have been gentle with his views.

        keep supporting for a good cause

        "Live in Prosperity and Give a Prosperous Life"

        share your views but remember that will reveal your true self

        kind regards



        1. "Y m i taking all this time to type these?? BECAUSE I AM INDIAN!"

          *cringe* — you sir, are an epic-troll!

  13. Very unprofessional of Happy Schools Blog to post this, and to continue the conversation.

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