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The U.S. higher education consulting companies who provide assistance to students in India who are seeking graduate school admission is a huge business.

It’s typical for a student to approach some U.S. university admission consultants and ask them for help to apply for college admission on the students’ behalf.

With their experience, admission consultants can give advice and suggestions based on the students’ academic profiles.

US Admission Consultants – Process

A typical consultancy who applies for admission at U.S. universities will charge fees that will be 50% more than what a student would normally pay for the entire college application process.

However, if the student is not sure about the admission procedure, they tend to get admission consultants for help. After a student completes the GRE, TOEFL or GMAT exams, the consulting company will agree to help.

After the initial fee had been paid, the consultant will provide a list of recommended universities where students can apply at. With experience, it will be much easier for consultants to select the schools for the students.

After school selection, all the required documents have to be submitted. Once those are done, applications will be submitted by mail to the U.S. universities in the list.

Typically, consultants will suggest around 10 universities and they will apply at 4 to 6 from that list of schools.

Universities for Profile

In line with this matter, I encountered one of the comments here at HSB, which was a bit interesting:

These are the universities suggested for my profile by my consultant…so please tell me the BEST SIX PICKS from the list below:

1. University of Texas San Antonio , Texas
Annual tuition and fees: $ 14,816 for two semesters

2.Lamar University, Beaumont, TX
Annual tuition and fees: $ 9,071 approx.

The list continued to increase to a total of 16 universities.

At this point, the questions to be answered include:

  • Why do you have to pay the consultant to select universities and then you will still be asking others for help? If you don’t trust the US admission consultancy, you shouldn’t be asking  admission help from them in the first place.
  • If you would just seek help from others, this will very well save you lots of money and you’ll be able to apply at U.S. universities on your own.
  • There are over 1,000 college and universities in the US, if you cannot work on your own to pick 6 from 16, then it will likely be very hard for you to manage life and education in America.

The personal details and complete list of universities were removed from the comment for privacy reasons. But just looking at the university list, it looks like students have below average than average academic profile.
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  1. hi,i have given my gre and my score is 1120(Q-770 V-350).i have 70% in my grad.i am interested to do ms in electronics and comm engineering.can u suggest me some of the best universities?is my gre score enough to get better universities in US?or should It take gre once again?(i don't have that much time..) Can I get any aid with these scores?

  2. sir, how much will it cost me to become a member of the club? can't seem to find the cost! thanks

  3. my gre score is 1340(800 q+ 540 v)

    i want 2 do MS in CS

    i have a good sop,recos and have done good projects

    i have shortlisted the foll univs ,pls teel me which in these i have a chance for admission

    university of california -arlington

    university of texas -austin


    University of North Carolina: Chapel Hill

    V tech

    University of Michigan: Ann Arbor

    University of California: Los Angeles

  4. Hello, i want to say that i have my test on 23rd oct and i want to ask that if i will be able to get 1100-1200 score then in which 4 universities i should report the scores engg. field.

    I m interested in Nanotechnology or aerospace related subject so which are the universities that offer these fields. plz reply a little quickly.


  5. it is simply fabulous answer HSB

    If the student or consultancy can not suggest where to go with in 16 the student is at disadvantage, keep simple is the policy

    i have come across about business with passion , what exactly is that? "Robin Sharma" on



    "Business is about helping people. That might seem like a ridiculously simple observation but if the idea is so common, then I wonder why seeing it in practice is so very uncommon.

    The best businesses are places built on a culture of value creation. Every person on the entire team has pretty much one main focus: to help customers get to where they've always dreamed of being.

    Too many businesspeople have got caught up in complexity and lost sight of the simplicity of commerce. It's really all about using your products and services as a bridge. To connect your customers to their best. Do that with passion, focus and acute levels of excellence, and the world will beat a path to your front door.

    thank you HSB For making our life easy regarding how to go about selecting university that will fit for the student aptly.

    keep guiding




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