Why US Education Consultant Do this to Students?

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I received an email from a reader last month. Reader wanted to double check if the information provided by US Higher education consultant, he visited was true.

Whenever I post negative facts things about consultants, genuine US Higher Education consultants are ticked off.

There are 2 types of US admissions consultants – Ethical and Unethical. If your business practice is ethical, then you don’t have to worry about negative issue we talk here. But, unfortunately, there are so many unethical admission agents are out there in the market.

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Lets look at the email.

PhD for Fall 2012

I’m interested in pursuing PhD in XXXXXXX  from US in 2012, my current qualification is Bachelors in XXXXXXX.

I ‘d been to a consultancy recently where I was told it is almost impossible to get Visa for a PhD program in present scenario, they insisted me on taking masters program instead , which is no different than the bachelors program in India so I’m not interested.
Is it so ?

I want somebody trust worthy to guide me , so writing this to you.


What was the reason given to you to why getting visa will be impossible?

If you don’t mind, can you give the name of the consultancy.

Reply from Reader X

They said due to ongoing economical disturbances  they won’t let more free feeders in their country (free feeders = PhD scholars)
Name of consultancy is XYZ, it is in XYZ.

Free Feeders = PhD

Since when, PhD Scholars become free feeders?

Sumeet said it right via Facebook Fan Page.

I am sure…your post will have very less effect on prospective students … or almost nothing…(sure you will get most of likes and comments, no doubt) they will still go to consultants and will give away their life’s one of the most important decision in the hands of a total stranger…good night… need to study for the exam.

If you are planing to apply for admission through USA Admission consultancies, please go ahead with that. But, don’t pick a consultant who is  crazy and out of touch.


  1. what are you talking about ….I am going for PhD in Physics with full funding ….and I got my VISA approved yesterday…my interview was like nothing he asked me very few questions …it looks like he wanted to give me the VISA …they are very cooperative with PhD students ……

  2. Yes this is exactly what even I heard from consultants about scholarships for Fall 2012. But even I feel the most important decisions of our career should be done by only us

  3. My question is why you need a consultant? I dont believe it is at all required and by doing all the admission process yourself provides a great learning and hones multitasking.

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