US Government Shutdown and H1B Visa Status

Raghuram Sukumar H1B Visa 1 Comment

I’m working as contractor for federal government in H1B Visa.

I;m not directly employed by the government, but looks like if US Government shutsdown tonight, funding to my employer will be stopped and I cannot go to work from Monday.

What is the impact of US Government shutdown on H1B Visa status? – Ajay

US Government Shutdown and H1B Visa Status

Tough question to answer. Your best bet to find information about H1B Status and US government shutdown should be through Immigration attorney.

Lets see if we can get answers from any immigration attorney.

I believe H1B Visa holders should be fine (since you are still employed technically). You could be paid delayed salary. I could be wrong too.

Funny Side – You will be out of job and ICE who is supposed to enforce Immigration rules will also be closed.Who will enforce H1B Rules then?

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  1. Its really a funny and a sad situation both for the guy ajay who had asked about the impact of US government shutdown on H1b Visa status.And the reply is also equally interesting.A good post to read.

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