Do You Trust your Immigration Attorney?

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Many H-1B visa applicants for FY 2010 are following Happy Schools Blog. Most of our readers actively participate in the discussions involving receipt number, H-1B visa stamping, RFE on H-1B visa approval, processing times, and many more topics.

However, we have stated that all the information here are intended for information purposes only.

It’s always best to seek professional help from a U.S. immigration attorney, if you have any specific questions.

Consultations with an immigration attorney are not that expensive. If you are resourceful enough, you can get your questions answered for only $10 to $50.

If you are an international student in the US and you have spent a few thousand dollars for a U.S. education, it simply foolish if you’re still unwilling to spend $50 to get your immigration questions cleared by a professional.

When you run into trouble, the information you found in the forums are not going to help you totally. So if you need more details related to US immigration, do talk to an immigration specialist.

Immigration Attorney

Many comments recently looks like some of you do not believe in some things that your immigration attorney suggests.

There is really no reason to double check what an immigration professional says because he or she is an expert on immigration matters. It’s their job to know.

Comments like:

After receiving an RFE, besides just the corrections, should I be including any other forms representing the corrections in the re-submission?
My attorney told me to have my visa stamped in xxxxxx. But I am not a permanent resident of xxxxxxx. Will this cause any problems?

Every person’s situation is unique and when you have an immigration attorney who is helping you, why do you want to get it clarified again?

Why would someone pay an immigration attorney to get them to file H-1B and then don’t trust the advice or suggestions given by your attorney?

There are lots of misguided information out there. So be careful on what source you can trust.

When in doubt, it’s always best for anyone to be willing to spend some money to get things cleared through and with an immigration attorney.

If you read some news that looks like, ” My friends friend ran into issue,” please don’t fully trust such information because they’re definitely only half-truths.

If you know anyone personally who have faced some immigration issues, then you can trust him or her but you must consider such issue within that case to be sure.

Simply reading in forums where a friend’s friend had ran into trouble is not the way to go. In fact, the person who posted the comment in the forum is stranger too, right?


  1. why for my employer or attorney not give me my visa condition and any important information? and what look my eb1 visa to issue? please time specify me

  2. If you are worried that your immigration attorney might not be as competent as you first thought you can always get a second opinion, but from another immigration attorney (pay for a consultation). Even after researching things for days I would only make a decision on whether I should get a second opinion.

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