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Mithun has shared to us 3 questions and a couple of suggestions on following topics:

Your blog’s had been very informative. Its posts had helped in answering most of the questions that my parents had asked me. Since I am new to these processes, I couldn’t answer them myself alone. But I answered most of their queries with the help of your blog. However, I do have some questions remaining still, about:

  1. Bank Statement
  2. College Tuition fees (In-State and Out-of-State)
  3. Changes to Blog Layout

When to Send Bank Statement

1. Even though you did answer the query “when should I submit my bank statement“, I still felt that you were not clear in specifying the actual time; I mean I still don’t know if it’s okay for me to NOT send my bank statement at the time of submitting my application.
Since I have financial constraints, I will not be able to arrange for funds immediately.
As such I plan to submit only a letter to the respective universities stating that I will submit the bank statement only at the time of receiving an admit. (This is because I hope to raise a loan by submitting the admit letter to the bank.)
Your blog did mention this as well, but it was vague in commenting if this procedure (of submitting the bank statement AFTER getting the admit) was fine or not.

Submitting bank statement after getting admit is fine, ONLY if the university has specifically stated that you have to send bank statement only after they had sent the admission acceptance letter.

But, that’s not the case with most of U.S. colleges and universities. You will be required to send bank statements and financial affidavits along with your other application materials.

Even if you happen to get an exception by writing to university beforehand, you CANNOT get a student loan by using the college or university acceptance letter. Banks in India will approve bank loans only if you have an I-20 from the accepting university in the U.S.

Universities will NOT send an I-20 without a bank statement from you. So you really have no other choice but to send the financial documents before you can apply for a bank loan (mostly with the application materials).

In-State vs Out of State Fees

2. Since I qualified as an international student, I am very much confused with the tuition fees thing.
Though I did had read your “in-state vs out-state tuition fees post” it still didn’t answer my doubts.
Is that fees structure for the whole year, or for the whole 2 years that I will do the course?

Here is another article you may have to read – How International Students Qualify for in-State Fees.

If you don’t qualify for in-State fees, you will have to pay out-of-State fees for the entire duration of your master’s program. Typically, a student qualifies for in-State fees, if he or she:

  1. Gets a research assistant position
  2. Gets a teaching assistant position
  3. or gets scholarship (certain scholarship types only apply)

In the worst case scenario, you will have to pay out of State fees for the entire duration of your program. Out of State fees are usually 3 times the in-State tuition fees.

Blog Layout Suggestions

3. Also, though I found your blog very useful, I felt that all the information were scattered and some proper organisation of the blogs was needed.
Perhaps you could re-arrange all the blogs under certain categories, with the categories arranged in the order in which an applicant will encounter them in the process to apply at the universities
For example, the blogs could be arranged in the following categories (step wise):

  • a. GRE
  • b. TOEFL
  • c. Explanation of the terms used at U.S. universities (like course credits, different types of universities, i.e., public or private, etc.)
  • d. Steps in applying at the university

This is just an example. You could categorize them in many other ways.
Again, I must say that you are doing a wonderful job.
You have covered most of the queries that any newbie will have.
Keep up the good work.

Thanks for your suggestions and it’s something well taken. It’s good that you didn’t see this blog 2 years back.

  1. A blog is different from a normal website
  2. You can see Blog Categories Displayed on all pages in the Sidebar. All the articles posted here will be associated to right Blog Category (mostly).
  3. We are planning to create a page that will outline all important steps about applying at US universities.
  4. There are over 800 articles posted here so far and it’s hard to come up with a certain navigation structure that will cover all those 800 articles.
  5. This blog’s Internal Search is powered by Google. Most of these 800 articles are indexed by Google and you can search for the contents using the correct keywords.
  6. Also, the Related Articles below each post usually refer to the right (similar) articles.
  7. If you have suggestions or examples to share so as to solve or improve this navigation concern, we would like to hear from you.


  1. does the scholarship on which the in state fee is decided.. depends on the university or college that we join.. 🙂

  2. Undoubtfully cool article as for me. It would be nice to read something more concerning that topic. Thanks for sharing such info.

    Abigail POWELL

  3. hi i was written IELTS twice but i got only 5 bands each time.many of my friends told third time is waste.and if u got 6 bands in third attempt it belongs to fail.is there any count in visa ambassy how many times we had write ielts.plesae reply me as soon as possible i m in trouble

  4. Also is it prefrble ro take another centre for interview for the second chance?

  5. Hi,

    I got rejected my F1 visa application last week. For the wot they askd is abt ma sponsr… I said the truth that he s from USA. They didnt ask for financial documents n all.. So this time for my second chance am going with new I20 n new financial documents of the same sponsor but the documents are from India. wot all documets am gonna show are 1. bank accnt with around 60 lakhs balance n proprty of worth around 5cr. Is that enuf? N how do u evaluate my chances?? pls comment

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