4 FAQs on Graduate School Admission in U.S. Universities

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I’m starting to write this "U.S. Universities Questions and Answers" series along with GRE Questions and Answers.

Lately, Happy Schools Blog had been receiving lots of comments and I get lots of emails daily. Instead of just responding to each person, answering the questions through blog posts will help more blog readers.

This U.S. universities series will include topics related to university selection, general questions about American universities, value of education, job opportunities after grad school, internship search and graduate school admission and many more.

1) How will an MS in computer science will help to make progress in research field?

Almost all programs in U.S. universities are research based. If you plan to get some research experience, then it’s a good idea to opt for a thesis track.

Here, you will be able to work with professors in their research areas. And if that interests you, then you can certainly think about taking a PhD in computer science.

2) How much of a difference will it make if I do MCA (or any degree in that case) from India?

Well, its hard to equate degrees from India like MCA to master’s degrees in U.S. universities. Most of the courses you will study here in a U.S. university will be research based and practical.

You might do 3 projects in one semester, compared to say 10 projects in MCA in one course. However, the amount of things you will learn in one project will be equivalent to learning from one semester from MCA.

Also, the time required to learn new technology and implement the project will be like 2-3 weeks. So think about learning new programming language every month.

Projects here will be challenging. In MCA you will be using Oracle database, but here you will create a database like Oracle using C or C++.

3) Will a degree from a U.S. university help or is it equivalent to an Indian degree?

In any day or time, I can bet a degree from a U.S. university will always stand out. However, if you compare degrees from IIT India, then both can be compared.

4) If they are equivalent, then which degree should I complete for getting a good respectable job in research field?
Since education in the U.S. involves investing a lot of money, thus in order to make a good decision, I need to clarify this doubt.

Both the degrees are almost not equivalent. That’s one of the reasons why U.S. universities are the destination where students from all over the world come to study.
About 70,000 to 80,000 students from India came to the U.S. for studies last year.

5) I am writing about GRE this week. I have no idea as to what universities to apply at during the test. I want to do MS in electronics and communication engineering preferably VLSI or embedded systems.
What universities shall I apply at if I get a score between 900-1,000? Or 1,000-1,100? Or 1,200-1,300?

Answers about university selection is not simple. I’m in the process of creating a complete list of U.S. universities based on GRE scores and departments.

But it will take some time before all the data will be made available. You can find info on some U.S. universities in this blog.

That concludes this first edition of "U.S. Universities Questions and Answers". If you like your questions to be answered, write a comment in this article, I plan to answer questions about U.S. universities every week.

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  1. I am also planning for doing MS in Computer Science field.Now,I am in a last year of Bachelor of Comuter Eng.Could You help for selecting a subject  to do MS in USA?Particularly,I am having good interest in Network related subject,But my some of the friends said me to select filed of research.Could you send me the list of courses which are  now days running in USA universities for field like Network,Network & Security,Research?these are my options from which one i has to select for my MS.

    Please reply soon……….

  2. heyya,,,

    i m gunno join infy n a week…..bt i aspire to go fr MS….hw far it wil b beneficial f i m wrking here fr a year and then pursue ma MS degree,,,,coz after ma training i need a sign bond fr one year….thnks n advance……

    1. If you haven't taken GRE, TOEFL it will take atleast 4 months to apply. So, you have to decide if you can study and take GRE while working.

  3. I am preparing to write GRE and I want to the average score for universities in USA. Thank you.

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