US Non-Immigrant Visa Fee Increase from June 4, 2010

Raghuram Sukumar F1 Visa, H1B Visa 10 Comments

U.S. Non-Immigrants Visa fess is increased from June 4, 2010.  This consular visa fee increase will become effective from June 4, 2010.

  • B-1/B-2, C-1/D, student (F or M), exchange (J) categories – $140 and receive a white receipt.
  • (H, L, O, P, Q, and R categories – $150 and receive a green receipt.
  • Above two receipts will still be purchased at approved HDFC Bank branches.
  • K (fiancé) applicants will now pay $350 and will continue to pay their fees at the Consular Section.

Applicants who purchased their receipts before June 4, 2010 will pay the balance between the old and new fees at the time of the interview.  The previous application fee was $131 for all visas.

The Department of State adopted the tiered system because petition-based applications require significantly more processing than other visa applications. The rate increase is for improvements in the manner and speed with which visa applications are processed, and in particular for fraud-detection efforts. The total fee covers the cost of accepting, adjudicating, and issuing nonimmigrant visa applications.

For more information, refer to VFS site (India) and corresponding US Consulate website in other countries.


  1. I have my interview on june 4th… so where shud i pay dat remaining fee.. i went and asked hdfc bank, they dint yet receive any notification itseems…

    So can i pay remaining during interview???

    1. *The difference must be paid by a demand draft favoring “American Consulate General Mumbai” (Cooperative bank demand drafts not accepted).
      *Demand draft to be made in INR payable at the current rate of exchange. Please check the link &lsquo ;‘ on this website for the applicable rate of exchange.
      *Applicants must carry their demand drafts on the day of their scheduled visa appointments.

      source : VFS website

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  2. I would Like to know that where should we pay the balance visa Fees as i have already taken the interview date for 25th of June 2010.

  3. Is crime rate high in Bridgeport (Connecticut). What are the dangers involved? How safe is it for students?

  4. how are we supposed to pay the balance amount? by cash or dd?

    1. From VFS site – If you purchased your HDFC fee receipt before June 4th, you must obtain an additional demand draft for the difference.

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