Will US Embassy Know Previous Visa Interview Details?

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I completed my study in Canada and doing software job in Canada I will become citizen of Canada with 1 year, now I am an INDIAN I was rejected my visa in past due to cause of fake bank statement now I want to settle in US as because my sister is also living there. Will changing citizen will know the previous details in US Embassy.

USA Visa – Fake Documents

US Embassy will have all the details about you, your previous visa interview.

It doesn’t matter where you had your previous visa interview.

If it was rejected due to Fake Bank Document and they knew it was fake, then it will be tough to get into USA.

You might want to consult an immigration attorney to learn about your options.

Good Luck to you.

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  1. Firstly, the US does not tolerate anyone lying in interview and 2nd visa would be rejected if u cannot satisfy them in next VIsa interview why you lied.

    Secondly, please rework on what you write in english. It doesn’t make sense at all.

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