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Admission for Spring 2012 semester have started coming in.

Let’s start tracking the admission details for Spring 2012 semester.

I have created a spreadsheet, you can enter you USA university admission status and profile details.

I don’t have automated or efficient way of doing this. Till then, we have to do it the manual way.

If you have suggestion on how to automate this process, do share your suggestions.

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  1. I have received reply from a faculty in Virginia Tech who I had sent my CV and transcripts.
    Replied and has encouraged that I should apply there.

    Is this mean he interested since it was not clear from the mail.


  2. Hello HSB!!

    The page you have created is pretty much informative but completeone. And I ,too, have a request/ an advice for you to CREATE or APPEND another similar kind of informative page, so that all friends who have already got their I-20 can share their personal documents such as SOP, LoRs and SENT EMAILS from either sides(students, universities or professors). I think, this would be even more useful and may provide all the means of present one.

    Thanks for your regard!

    1. Typing mistake: completeone >> incomlete one. hope you’ll correct while reading. 🙂
      and nonetheless, the above mentioned problems and solutions are what most of students like me are seeking to know.

  3. i am 10th +2 in 2008 and hold one year diploma in machnical iti.i got 5.5 band in ielts . i want apply any degree course for australia or canada.

  4. i am 10th +2 passed in 2008 hold one year diploma of iti in machnical. got5.5 band in ielts.

  5. hey HSB!!!
    i have completed my integrated 5year M.Sc biotechnology and now i wish to enroll myself for P.hD in ecology. i have scored 68% and had a back in 3rd sem(now cleared). right now i’m preparing for gre. Do u think by this low percentage and with a backlog i will get through any descent US university. I’m working hard for gre though, i will be appearing for gre at the end of this month or early jan but i am scared since most of the deadlines are till jan15. .i’ll be grateful to you could help me. Your blog is the only way i get the guidance and interact with the students directly. thankyou!

  6. hi this is astha tiwari.. i am in final year electrical engg from NIT Durgapur and iam willing to pursue phd course in control systems. i have written my gre on 7th nov and my score is 800 in maths and 450 in english and for analtical portion result is awaited.

  7. This is gayathri.I completed my B.tech in 2010 i would like to do MS in wireless communications for the next intake to canada.

    I have written ielts on Sep 3rd 2010 and got score as 6 bands and my marks in english as per 10th class is 78 and intermediate first year is 80 and 92.i completed my b.tech specialized in electronics and communication with 67% in 2010.So i would like to get the details(list) of the universities which i can eligible with my qualifications. so as that i get get admission in canadian universities.

  8. I am an Engineering student in 7th sem(BT).I will give GRE Exam in Feb .so can I apply for M.S in Fall 2012.? My current PERCETAGE IS 62.8% . Total backlogs=4(solved) .How can I start my Procedure to take admission in Fall 2012 or Spring 2013? Should I register with Private Counsultancy to get Prepared documents and all? I come from middle level family.please reply me as soon as possible. I need help of U…………

  9. Hi, HSB
    I am an Engineering student in 7th sem(IT).I will give GRE Exam in Feb .so can I apply for M.S in Fall 2012.? My current education Background is C.P.I=5.8 . Total backlogs=5(solved) .How can I start my Procedure to take admission in Fall 2012 or Spring 2013? Should I register with Private Counsultancy to get Prepared documents and all? I come from middle level family.please reply me as soon as possible. I need help of U…………

    1. HI Hardik,
      Well it would be a bit late if u planning for fall 2012.But if u plan it well you can apply for some coll which have dead line late march or june.So after your GRE write toefl soon and btw the time you scores plan for rest of the requirements necessary for your admission because to get your toefl score it will take 1 week.coming to consultancy tou have to choose a good one because i heard many stores like those people suggesting low profile universities and they taking money and not applying to universities etc.So be careful,if u have some one to guide snt go for consultany ann waste your money as i did 😛

      1. hey Ravi
        i also want to ask you same que. m in 7th sem and i had nt givn GRE and TOFEL yet . and i want to apply for FALL 2012 and the deadline is 31 dec. ….so i thnk its late for me….and the spring’s deadline is 31oc…so should i give application for spring??? and according to you which one is best for apply?? spring or fall?

      2. Which consultancy should I approach in Delhi?

        Wisdom Mart or Chopras..I’ve given my GRE..TOEFL is on 3rd Dec

  10. am not familier with this site much..but i need some information . i have not giving GRE and TOFEL
    yet . and i am right now in last year of BE. and i want to apply application for admission in graduation
    (M.S.) . so can i give application for FAll 2012 and the deadline is 31 DEC……or can i give application
    for spring and the deadline of this term is 1 oct. so which would be better for me
    plz give the reply

    1. Yes you can mitali and try giving it now itself…because in spring when u will go for visa…visa officer will ask you what have you been doing since july … if you are prepared with that answer then okay and also Fall admits are comparativly easier ( By 4-5 percent ) and few universities dont have spring admits

      1. thanx for your kind reply….but i also want to ask that i had not given GRE and TOFEL yet..and i need max 2 mnth for its preparation and right nw i am in 7th sem and have to complete one more sem…..so i think i cant apply for FALL 2012 cause its deadline is 31 dec..so nw what i have to do???? umm can i apply for spring ??
        plz give the reply

        1. The US Admission process is a little longer than in India. You need to apply almost 10-12 months in advance. The last date for application in most schools will be over by Feb 15.

          I would suggest that prepare and give your GRE well as the score is important. Then give your TOEFL. 🙂 After that do some resaerch about what you want to study and where and apply for Spring 2013 (that is Jan 2013) by the end of June July 2012. If you are really focused at research, work as an intern at IISc/IITs meanwhile or else take a job after graduation. Spring admits are difficult and so you should brace yourself for waiting a year till Fall 2013. Best of luck. 🙂


  11. Hi,

    I got admit for spring 2012 in Ms Telecommunication from UT Dallas,NYU-Poly with 8k tution waiver and UMKC, Can you pls suggest me which is the better school i should go for……

    1. let me tell ya,,,visit any consultancy,,this site is shit hole,,,a rookie like me or anjali is gonna answer your question,,for reply from HSB,,you should write,,,I HAVE AN INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE,,,I CAN’T SEE MY NAME ON THE TRACKER,,,ETC..,,,DON’T WASTE YOUR INVALUABLE TIME HERE

      1. Do you think I’m running a free social service to guys like you? Why don’t you pay a consultancy and instead of wasting time looking for free information?

        1. HSB ,

          It your site ..you take responsibility of things instead of asking people why are you here and all…you will be earning if this site makes big not us…how can you respond to a member like this where every one is ready to provide the best customer service…you could have preferred to ignore his comment instead…

          Do you think any of us would recommend to browse this site in the future

          1. @Sam – You are commenting just based on this one comment. My comments is based on what that person Jagroop has posted in last 2 to 3 days. If someone is posting bath mouthing comments shithold and f*uck, I have every right to go at them.

          2. If that was the case with Jagroop he could have given the answer rather questioning the rookie’s talent.If your so obvious with your opinion post it ,Let’s see whether post is useful or not .

          1. Hi Raghuram,

            can you share your profile, what is your gre and toefl scores?

          2. Hi HSB

            My Gre score is 1170 Q-750,V-420.Toefl is 88.Iam working in TCS from past 1yr .
            I have done my graduation in ECE 2010 passout.

            Now i got admit from
            NYU-Poly with 8k tution waiver for yr.

            University of Missouri Kansas City with -8300 USD tution waiver for yr

            UT Dallas .

            But i want to know which school is better for Ms Telecommunication and more scope in Internships.

          3. hey raghuram,,looks like you got your university problem sorted-out by HSB,,HAPPY NOW,,,Told ya no replies from experts

          4. I think UT dallas and University of Missouri would be a good option ,with scholarships around you can go head with either of the universities .

            Good Luck

      2. Hey Jagroop,
        You yourself prove that you are a looser. First have a blog like HSB and have popularity like it, then you are on a position of arguments. You might be a rich person who can afford the consultancy stuff but think about the other normal student.HSB and MSINUS are the only way of solace for them. Anyways one more thing this is a study related site giving direction to student, so dont use such type of vulgar language in it. Better use it in front of your family who will appreciate this.

    2. hiiiiiii sir , i am intersted to do my mba in us .here is my profile i request u to suggest universities from which i can get i -20. ilets 6.5, gre 292 q(151) v(141)
      b.tech 58.82% with (18 backlogs) all r cleared . 2011 passout and no wrok experinece

  12. Hey folks,,,Got my Visa on 8 NOV From NEW DELHI COUNTER NO.3,,,,,Hell of a lifetime experience,,,,,,,with I-20 from SUNY Buffalo,,,
    Learnt SOME basic things about the Interview:
    1)- Good University does not assure your admission,”guy interviewed before me had I-20 from TAMU,,the same Texas university,,got rejected came out with brochure and passport hard luck,,,,,,,,,than turn of an old lady going to meet her son in USA got Visa,,,than was my turn.
    2)- Reading others interview experience is worth Shit,,,,yeah u heard it HSB,,,cuz each case is different,u should have a flexible mind and your interview will be like conversation with any relative,,whom you are trying to convince that your university and other choices are good for you.
    3)- For graduates beware of previous research and interested research options quests.
    4)- Hire a private counselor,,no public crap in such important matters,,,so that you can get quick replies On time Every time.
    5)- Never trouble yourself with property doc. if you can’t get them on time,,,they never bother about that.
    6)- Students with there immediate relatives in USA,,you are not just potential immigrant you are real immigrant for them and they will scrutinize you under Carl Ziess microscope,,,not an exaggeration
    7)- Never bother yourself up with whats gonna happen,,,,or you will get fucked-up before interview and that is the last thing you WANT.
    8)- Don’t stand too close to the guy getting interviewed.
    9)- And that eye-contact shit it is just a fabrication of thought from other Interviews because VO will be busy with his computer,,as if he is updating his status on Facebook.
    10)- Don’t try to trim your accent like the girls usually do while trying to sound Suave it’s another bullshit they don’t give a rat’s ass about how u sound,,they just want to understand what you say.
    11)- Go as an Indian,,,not in Dhoti Kurta(traditional),,,but an educated Indian,,,don’t need a GUCCI Coat for that,,just a shirt pant and some motivation
    12)- You can do it because i had done it,,,,and let me tell y’all i’m another farmers son getting VISA,,,, “your dad’s what “it doesn’t matter them much if you got some good universities on your side.
    13)- IF YOU CAN GET ADMISSION IN ANY TOP 100 SCHOOL OF US u can get VISA,,no matter u choose that school or not ,,,all you need is to hold your nerves
    It’s piece of cake for genuine students,
    I know its easy to say being in mah place cuz itz not about Money ITZ ALL ABOUT PRESTIGE
    It’s just a formality ,,,,and ,,,VISA rejection is normal ,,you can reapply,,,never get depressed,,,
    YA’AL CAN DO IT!!!
    Sorry for incomprehensible and Incoherent language,,,I’m a stupid don’t know nothing kind of guy,,who fears saying even THANK yOU in Ingles,,,,,My accent is punjabi I say cnaida instead of CANADA,,,and I GOT MY VISA
    Don’t bother yourself up you will get it cuz a GOON like me GOT IT

  13. HSB: Can you please suggest me whether I can go visa on Virginia International Univ, how is the univ review.Will Bridgeport Univ be the best option rather than VIU???

    1. Hi HSB,
      i recently came across a conversation like this….

      Consultancy Madam: “u can start the application process n send the selected univs your documentation and then in some mid December or early January write your GRE n TOEFL and then we will send the univs your score so that you will be among the first of people to apply for the university and ultimately given good preference.”

      Me: “would’nt it be a problm so send an incomplete applicatn madam..?? ”

      Consultancy Madam: No..,there are some contacts in many universities to us…..they will manage everythng without any problem…..”

      Me: “thanks..,n i’l contact you soon after consulting my parents madam..”

      Everything happened at a reputed coaching cum consultant institute……Is something like this even possible at all HSB..?? plss tell me a answer soon as if it is indeed possible……im gonna be rushing by now in order to be able to attend classes for FALL 2012…plss help urgntly HSB n all the members….!!!
      Thanks in advance friends..!!

      1. Thats how consultants work. they have tie up with university. So, such univs are flexible about processing applications when it comes from consultants.

      2. The universities with ties to any consultancies in India are worth SHIT,,,and the must asked question in Visa Interview is Why specified university?

  14. @hsb : it would be better if the whole table was visible in a single screen instead of scrolling it left and right. And also it would be even better if it was differentiated according to department instead of being assorted.

  15. Got Admit from: UT Dallas,Florida International University,Univ of New Haven and California State University-Fresno n waiting for Colorado State University-Carbondale for MS in EE.I want to know for which univ shall I go for my Visa Interview?Wch has better chance of Visa approval?

    1. I think UTD. I am not sure if I am right but I feel so because it is a public university and is highly ranked. Apologies if I am wrong.

  16. Hi, I joined an IT company this year in June. Did my training, but I hve no project right now.
    Im planning to take GRE this yr, but I wont have any work experience. Plus I did some simple internship and a btech project. My cgpa is 9.
    Dear HSB, plz suggest me the suitable date to take GRE. I’m messed up!! Coz interviews will ask for work exp.

  17. Hi HSB
    application in universities for MS for spring 2012 starts from which month

        1. Fall 2012 deadlines range from mid-november to mid-january. you shud start on this immediately!

        2. depends on universities..most of them have 28th feb…some have 30th march…
          there is a seprate deadline..one for those who are looking forward for assitantship and second one for those who just need admits

  18. Hello guys,
    Did anyone get admission in George Mason University for Spring 2012?

    1. i think 4 out of 5 students apply for admission,,,all get it,,,,,but students enrolling i’m not prrety sure abt that,,,,,,,,

  19. Hi Frnds
    GRE Score :Q: 780, V: 310 AWA: 2.5
    TOEFL: 70
    ACAD: 68.3
    MS in Molecular Biology
    1.Univ of Texas Dallas(Rejected)
    2.Florida Institute of technology(Rejected)
    3.Univ of Houston.(Waiting)
    4.Illinois institute of Technology(Waiting).
    Can you suggest me univ which for Fall 2012

    1. Arizona state university gives admission to everyone, ,,NYIT,,,,MICHGAN TECH ,NJIT ,,,,,I’m pretty surprised why Florida TEch didn’t gave u admission,,,,hard luck I guess,,,,,Best of Luck

    2. Please try to improve your verbal scores. Same goes for AWA and TOEFL. It signifies you are great with the mathematics part but weak in english. Try once more with focused prep on english. It will also improve your chances of TA when you join the university as well as acceptance chances during visa. Also, some university have cut-offs of higher than 70 TOEFL. You might have been rejected due to that.

  20. Hello HSB,

    I have just found out my new gre score

    verbal: 135
    quantitative: 145
    awa: 3.0

    Is this a good score to apply for universties??

    1. Abraham, when did you take you GRE exam and what were your estimated scores that showed up on the screen after you completed your gre?? I took my GRE on OCT 14th and it showed some 250 to 350 for verbal and 350 to 450 for quants.Can you please help me i estimating my scores if you have any idea.

  21. can anyone here help which admission councellers in New Delhi should i go for .I am a little confused here I ve written Gre(1450 uppr limit) and Toefl(110) Btech 71% .I am facing a dilemma here whether to go for 2012 or 2013. I am targetting SIX universites UNIV SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA…UNIV of MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR.UNIV OF TEXAS AUSTIN…..UNIV OF MINNESOTA TWIN CITIES….UNIV OF NORTH CAROLINA STATE…TEXAS A&M

    1. i should suggest you WISDOM MART you can contact Mr Aditya Jain,,,,,,,,,or The chopras i’m not pretty sure abt them

    2. Hi, First of all congratulations on your score. You also have good acads. Choosing between 2012 or 2013 depends on which year of graduation you are in. If you are in final year you can try for fall 2012. But the deadlines are already near or gone so you need to have your essays ready. In case you are in third year and do not have essays ready, then go for 2013. You could also take a 2 year work ex and then apply.

      Secondly, focus on writing publications, paper if you want to get into the above mentioned university. they want this also besides your scores.

      Thirdly, the best consultant is USIEF. They are not private and not commercialised. Its a govt organisation. The fee is nominal…like reaaaallly nominal. but they dont spoon feed you. They advise really well. If you have money to spare, you can go for wisdom mart, princeton group etc. there are more but they all charge anything between 15K to 25K for full consultancy. and they are tooo commercialised (my personal opinion)



  22. booked appointment ,,, 8 nov. is the date,,,,yeah 8 my lucky no. ,,,luck is what i need desperately,,,,much needed are even your suggestion on what to anticipate,,,,,,,fingers crossed ,,,,situation ‘ld ‘ve scared the shit out of Chuck Norris TOO I’m mere human,,,,,,,,,praying God ,,,,,help me be calm and confident,,,,in the end,,,,,,,IN GOD WE TRUST,,,,,,,YEAH!!!

  23. Hi Everyone,

    I got admissions from Virgina international university and bridgeport university.so which would be a better option to go for visa??Does VIU got good reputation?Please help me need to block visa date as sson as possible once I decide which univ I need to go with.

  24. Is any one applying at Social Science subjects, Political Science? It would be great to about that. I am applying for Pol.Science.

  25. Guys i’ve got a score of 1040 in GRE and acads of 65.6%and 16 backlogs. i ve applied to NYIT,University of southern missisippi, Indiana state university.Will my Visa be rejected


    2. I got my Visa approved a couple of days ago with 11 backlogs and 56 %. My GRE score was 1400 and TOEFL was 115. So Backlogs does not mean you will not get your Visa.

  26. I have toefl score of 73 , got admission in DBU for MBA ,i didnt take my gmat but have taken my gre yet get my score .. please tell me what are my choice

  27. hey guys this is paresh kotwani. this is mi profile
    BE agg – 60 % from mumbai university in mechanical engg
    GRE – 730+ 620 = 1350
    TOEFL – 95
    i have applied for MS in the following colleges for spring 2012
    auburn university – mechanical
    university of south carolina – mechanical
    university of houston ( main campus) – industrial
    colorado state university – mechanical
    lehigh university – industrial
    dayton university – mechanical

    I got an acceptance from auburn university till now and i am waiting for others.

    can u please suggest me which university should i select.
    i also wanted help on deciding whether to chose industrial or mechanical
    anyone from these university ???????

    1. i got an admit from university of houston for indusrtial engg.
      does any one have idea about the univ

  28. Hi, This is Nits.
    I have recently given GRE and my range was V:- 320-420 and Q:-640-740
    scores are expected to come around November first week. My TOEFL score is 103. GPA:-51%
    do i have any chances of getting admitted to average university in US?
    I am interested in Computer Science MS degree….but i have done my engineering in Electronics and Telecom.
    Is there any problem in this switchover of field?

  29. it’s better to have mixed reputation universities,, as it makes it easy for you to answer VO’s quest. “why specific uni”
    and i suggest you to have more faith on your consultant than this blog,,,

  30. hi my gre score is 1020..toefl-81,academics-70%.applied 2 fdu,csu,st.johns,njit..can i get admsn in these univrts fr pharmacetical sciences..please tell me..thank u..:)

    1. Ramya – Issues is fixed. Now, you can see the columns till I-20 (Email, Phone numbers are not displayed for public)

  31. Hi HSB,
    my profile GRE 890,adc 8.5/10 no backlogs,12 journALS
    Toefl 100 second attempt 1st time 74
    got Admit from UIS,new Haven,FDU
    please suggest one from above which has good visa rating?
    and will i have any problem during visa dude to my high toefl and low GRE?
    if so plz tell me what answer should i convey them.
    Waiting for your replt


      1. Hey Jagroop,

        Hey thanks for your sugession :)) i got my VISA for UIS and later i got admission to UHCL so please suggest me which university is good? i heard UHCL have lots of indians and more comptn for every thing.dnt know can u please suggest me ? and do u have any idear how to change university after getting visa?

        1. UHCL is good and in your case it’s better ,,so do as your heart says,,good luck,,chuck

          1. Hey do you have any idea how to transfer university?is it like we need to go dar and transfer or we can transfer from here ? please do suggest:)

          2. Hi Ravi,

            I have admits for UIS,UHC and NJIT.Got my visa for NJIT however I am planning to go to UIS.Hope we can discuss further and decide upon how to move further.

    2. 12 journals? you have got 12 publications in scientific journals ? :O either I am mis reading this or this is like too godly. Anyways, if you actually have 12 journals, congratulations. my advise would be to re-write GRE. Get above 1300. and then try for the top 50 colleges.

      1. Hmmmm ya what you said is right,i should have tried for some top universities after writing GRE again:) but thing is i applied and got admits spent lots of money till now:)
        more over i need nearly 3-4 months to study because as of now i am working.Comming to tom univversities fee will be high and for every thing dar will be lots of comptetion,So lets me get good GPA in first sem and transfer to some other university (tough so).I got scholarship in UHCL and i got assistanceship in UIS so confused where to go? can you suggest some thing?

  32. Hi

    I am planning for the Spring intake 2012…and my profile is as follows
    GRE: 1210 (Quant(710), Verbal(500), AWA-3.5)
    Academics – 70%

    I have applied to six universities…
    1) University of illinoi @ Chicago(admitted)
    2) Florida state university-waiting
    3) Purdue-waiting
    4) Universityof Southern California-waiting
    5) Texas A&M-waiting
    6) Arizona State University-waiting

    I went through a cinsultancy and they had suggested me these universities…but I am not very sure about the University of Illinoi @ Chicago…Is it a good one?
    And by when at the max will I hear from the other universities regarding my admission status?
    Could you please tell me…
    Thanks in advance 🙂


  33. Hi HSB,
    I am planning to go for my visa interview in 20 days. Wanted to know which university would look better during visa. I intend to join Master of Public Health
    University of Southern California
    University of Boston
    University of Texas Health Science center at Houston

    Thanks.. Too much tension please help

    1. WELL OF COURSE USC ,,,,,,, University of Spoiled Children ( cuz it is quite expensive ),,
      it has good visa stamping rate<<<

  34. Hi HSB me again ,,,,,,
    I just want to know the about the reputation of University at Buffalo The State University of New York,,,,,,,,,,will it have good impression on VO?,,,,,,,Has anyone got F1 visa with the I-20 of this university???????????????????

    Pls. reply,,,imma great fan of yours

    1. SUNY Buffalo have definitely got a great reputation…There are many other things from which VO is impressed besides the university…Read F1-Visa experiences for more info

  35. Hey ,HSB i just wanted to know if it will O.K for me to choose UB SUNY as I have even received I-20 from a bit better Iowa State University

  36. hi hsb!
    what are my chances of getting admitted in universities with profile i mentioned. ur reply will be highly appreciated

    1. i wud suggest look into your department, a in, which university has a better department for your course.

  37. Hi HSB,

    Thanks for come up with this list, I am sure this is really very helpful for us as a reference which university to apply. I am planning to fall 2012 and will take my GRE and TOEFL on coming Dec. Just a small suggestion, I found from the list some students have key in the University that they have applied, but doesn’t said if they are admitted, waiting or rejected, maybe you can come up to separate into 3 columns ->Admitted Uni, Rejected Uni, Waiting Uni . This would really a big help for us. Or to all the HSB followers, please help to include whether Accepted, Rejected or still pending for the University that you applied. Thanks in advance.

  38. Nopes im not mad…mistakes happen… but You owe me 1 now :p 😉
    So be prepared 🙂

  39. Sir,
    My cordial respect for you. I am Md. Harun Ar Rashid. I have completed BSc(Hon’s) in Applied Physics, Electronics & Communication Engineering from Islamic University, Kushtia. Now I am continuing GRE preparation at Dhaka Banani. I want to do MS & PhD in Aerospace Engineering in USA 1. Purdue University or 2. Embry Riddle University. BSc(Hon’s)-CGPA-3.51,
    H.S.C GPA-5.00, S.S.C GPA-4.25. But I am still confused about-
    1.Is it possible with funding?
    2. What NEW GRE & TOEFL score Should I need to get?
    3. How should I make myself step by step?
    4. When what should i do?

    Please guide me and advice me.

  40. Hi HSB,

    Here’s my profile – B.com (Honours) passed-out in 2007 April. No backlogs. GPA 5.97/10. 4 years work experience in Investment Banking. Worked for Bank of America (3 years) and Working for UBS since last 1 year. My GRE score range is – verbal 490 and Quant 570. I’m planning to apply for fall 2012.

    First of all thanks a lot for all your articles and updates. After started following HSB my confedence levels geared up like anything. But unfortunately I hardly came through articles related to MS Accounting and Finance or Auditing etc. I request you to kindly help me with some universities name which has MS programs for Commerce students. Will MS accounting students get funding? Since my academic scores are not so great, what are the chances of my MS program dream?

    Please advise…. thanks once again for your help!


    1. Have a technical snag to get that working. If I have to display academics, I have to show email and phone number. Thats how google have designed the forms or I had to recreate the form.

      1. Hello HSB,

        I cannot see the last column completely. Can it be fixed? Thanks for making this thread!

          1. Ya, Rohit is correct – the applied/admit/reject coloumn!

  41. hey divya..this is aditya.
    can u please tell me u got admits from which universities?

  42. Hi HSB,
    This is my profile:
    GRE: 1010 (310 Verbal/740 Quant/ 2.5 AWA)
    Academics:71% (cse)
    Backlogs: 0
    Universities applied:
    1. University of MISSOURI,kansas city(admited)
    2. University of Houston,clear lake(got I-20)
    3.New Mexico State University(waiting)
    4. Southern Illinois university Edwardsville(waiting)
    5.Chicago State University

  43. Hi HSB,
    This is my profile:
    GRE: 1010 (350 Verbal/660 Quant/ 2.5 AWA)
    IELTS: 6.5 Overall band (Listening:7.5/reading:7.0/writing:6.0 / speaking: 6.0)
    Academics:79% (EE)
    Backlogs: 0
    Universities applied:
    1. University of Toledo
    2. University of Dayton
    3. University of Massachusetts Lowell
    4. Southern Illinois university Edwardsville
    5. University of Kansas Lawrence.

    Got four admits and University of Kansas denied.

  44. GRE: 1360
    3 Projects ( 2 sumer interns, 1 final year project)
    1 Intl conference paper and presentaton, 1 National seminar presentation

    In Fall 2011, I dint get any admit with the same profile in 11 unis I apped.

    Spring 2012 :
    UMASS Lowell (MS) :I had apped for phD – but the Prof I had contacted said that if i can get an admit in MS and that if do well in 1st sem, he will arrange funding from 2nd sem.

    Mississippi State University: PhD admit. I am yet to receive the hard copy of the financial offers, but according to the Professor I will b working under, I have been granted full tuition waiver+$18k per annum.

    Arkansas University: Waiting.
    Michigan Tech : Waiting

  45. GRE – Q: 790 V:690 AWA: 4.5
    TOEFL : 118
    ACADS : 83.3%
    COURSE : M.S in Petroleum Engineering
    1. TEXAS A&M, College Station (Waiting)
    2. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS at Austin (Waiting)

    Waiting for word from the universities, been 3 months since my applications were submitted. Fingers crossed. Best of luck to everyone. Cheers. Will keep you guys posted.

    1. You look in really good shape.. Good luck maybe i ll get to be your college mate at Texas A&M.. Just maybe…

  46. Hi.. I’m Divya.. I have applied to Fit university. I have a GPA of 3.5 and my GRE is 930 and my TOEFL score is 74. I have got the acceptance letter from university. Will their be any problem during Visa interview due to this Toefl…???

    1. Hi divya,
      Hey which universities did u apply ? and how many admits did u get ?
      because my score is near to you so only i am asking u ? and comming to your toefl score it is not mandatory to get 80.It depends upon the universities requirements.So prepare for a good answer before going for visa interview.Good preperation will always gives better results.
      All the best

      1. Hi.. ravi.. I have applied for only two universities one is FIT and other is FDU. I got acceptance from FIT and still waiting for FDU. As many univ’s need minimum of 79 in TOEFL.
        What about ur scores and universities u applied? dd u go for visa processing?

        1. Hey Divya,
          Me again sorry for late reply and coming to my profile my gre is 890,tfl 1st time same as u 74,but i gave it again now i got 100 and i applied for NYIT,FDU,UIS,UNH,SUIC,RIT. FDU is common for both of us and got admit from UIS and waititng for rest i applied in sept so it gonna take time i guess. when did you apply for FDU and what is your status:))) and i may got for visa next month after all my conformations from universities.Tc

          1. Hey how did u calculate your GPA mine is 8.4/10 what it would be after convertion any idea?

          2. Hai Ravi and Divya…..!

            I too have got the scores as like u ..my GRE is 910 and I wrote IELTS 6.5.
            Academins is 63%.
            Still IN the Process of applying to colleges…!

          3. hi Srinu
            So you planing for spring or fall? and which universiteis are you planning for ?

  47. what is important, GRE marks or percentile?and i also want to know that what percentile is enough to get admitted in a 1-100 ranked university?

  48. Hello,
    I am from Biotechnology department from NIT Rourkela. I appeared my GRE and my range of scores wre 1130-1280. My CGPA is 8.26 and I am the third ranker of department. I have done projects in Tezpur University and through SURGE program IIT-Kanpur. Can you please suggest any college where I can get as a Phd???

  49. Hi man! I’m a big fan of hsb 😀
    i guess u should just make a form template of entering scores,acads,unis applied & selected, misc. n put a grid on other page to display details. but as it may cost as it wont be static anymore. its just an idea.

    1. Only problem is that to edit tha sheet after you got admit/visa, its has to be done via spreadsheet.

      1. The problem is that others can delete our data by accident. Please do something HSB. Give an auto save option and read only after a few hours so that we can’t modify existing data!

        1. Else, you can make it in your website rather than Google docs. It will be similar like we add comment but we have rows and columns instead and save option at last. In that way you can maintain stats for coming intakes also. 🙂

          1. Yes, I need to write code for that and don’t have time to get that done.

          2. First of all a great thanks to HSB for providing this common platform.
            But i am not able to get my querries answered, though i have posted it on two pages. Seeing response from HSB Admin here, i thought of asking here. Sorry for any offence.

            My querry is:
            Is it worth to do MS in computer Science from CSULA ? And what job/salary prospects are available after doing MS from there.

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