One More Reason To Be Attentitive During Your USA Visa Interview

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I had my visa interview on July 5th at Chennai consulate.

At the end of my interview, the VO handed me a pink slip(221g administrative processing) and asked me to report at the next counter.

But,Unfortunately I didn’t hear that properly. So I just came out without reporting.

After that, I was asked to submit some documents through mail, and I submitted all those documents through mail the next day.

But the problem is that, my passport and all my originals are with me now. When I check my case status, it shows “pending process“. So what should I do now? Where should I submit my passport and when??? :(((

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Visa Interview – Be Attentive

You have to be attentive and focused.

If you don’t understand what visa officer says, then  you can ask visa officer to say that again.

There is nothing wrong is asking VO, if you can’t understand the words.

Go to VFS center and explain your situation. Mostly likely you would have to submit your passport to VFS.

They might ask you to submit your document immediately or after administrative processing (221g) is complete.

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  1. I paid visa fee n VO gave me the token to collect my passport,but VO told me that they wil call me to collect my pasport.Actually, they call after 2 days to collect visa,but they did n,t call me in that time and VO told me that they have technical problem in the embassy.I have my doc. with me and my i20 and passport is in embassy.

  2. Could anyone please tell me the process of 221(g)? Are you not handed an extra slip stating that you need to go through the 221g process?
    And is the passport handed back to you?

    1. the VO just handed me my passport with pink slip and all my original certificates and asked me to report at the next counter. But i dint. Later, I was asked to submit a list of quetionaire including scanned invitation letter from the university and resume through e-mail. But still my passport with me

        1. Hi …
          I got 221 (g) white slip (additional administrative process box checked). After interview VO said that “I approve your visa but we need some more time to process it.” He took my passport and I 20. On that day I received an e-mail with some questionnaire and I replied.
          can anyone say something about my situation ? any Idea about this processing wait times ?

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