offsite collection services ofc india

USA Visa – Offsite Collection Service (OFC) Experience at Chennai

Raghuram Sukumar H1B Visa 9 Comments

Following experience at  Offsite Collection Service  ( OFC ) for USA Visa stamping was shared by reader named GD.

offsite collection services ofc india

Offsite Collection Service office Location at Chennai

No 3, Cenotaph Road,
Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600018

Offsite Collection Service Chennai

For 9 am appointment I reached at 8.50am.

Was let in immediately and led to 1st floor(India) and  2nd floor (USA) through steps. Elevator was available.

Though cell phone is allowed you are asked to switch off after entering premises.

There is no other security check other a hand held metal detector inside 2nd inspection room.

They call names based on appointment booking and let us into next room to check DS160 form and passport.

You are not required to bring the visa fee receipt at his stage.(atleast at chennai OFC office ).
Required documents are DS-160, appointment letter and passport.

Even if you forget any of these document just report at center and you will be given time till 5pm to show up for appointment.
But if you are no show then your visa appointment is cancelled too.

But to enter the premises you need to show appointment letter with date and time. So do not forget appointment letter for sure.

Waiting Hall

The first waiting hall is one of worst places to get stranded for long as there is no air circulation of air conditioner. That was a bad start.

But after initial document verification I was issued a token number and led to next room.

This was a better room with air conditioner, new room with 16 counters, well lit, ceiling lightning with all counter open . What a surprise !!!

After seating for roughly 10 mins my number was called  to counter and I passed on the token passport ds160 and appointment letter.

OFC Procedures

Photograph was taken first with canon t3 camera!! Looked new and even box was still left on the counter.

Then asked for name and DOB for verification.

Then asked to place four fingers of left hand except thumb on scanner. Repeat the same for right hand. Then place boy thumbs together and scanned and voila OFC appointment is complete and left the premises.

The while process took less than half hour

Even though there were so many people lined up in queue outside I later found out they are there like an hour before the appointment.

A little common sense will be appreciated here for followers.

Also the parents friends who came to drop were waiting as if they are also in queue and trying to see their friends / loved ones being released from detention.

Common guys this is just an fingerprint appointment . Please explain to your parents/ friends not to clog up the gate be courteous to wait away from entrance.

The whole place is surprising friendly and informative.

The only negative experience as initial wait of about 100 people in a area of about 30 ft by 7ft approx was horrible for few with no air circulation / fan/AC everyone was sweating crazy. It was probably like 35 Celsius in there with so many people crammed in such a small place.

Other that that everything was a breeze.

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  1. how do i fix the appointment at the OFC centre. HAve fixed the visa appointment at the embassy. Kindly help

    1. Author

      1. Submit DS-160 Form
      2. Visit to schedule the appointment

  2. I do have an interview waiver and need to only attend OFC interview .In spite of struggling, I am not able to understand whether I need to take documents like invitation, support affidavit , Date of birth certificate etc

  3. Are they giving all the documents (passport, DS-160 Confirmation & Appointment confirmation) back to the applicant.

    1. Yes, They will give back all these docs. They will stamp DS 160 though.

  4. This made me chuckle.
    “…as if they are also in queue and trying to see their friends / loved ones being released from detention.”

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. Is not the Fee receipt same as the Appointment letter. There is section called MRV Fee payments at the bottom of the appointment letter. I paid using NEFT. Please confirm.

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