H4 Visa

So, who get’s H-4 Visa?

Spouses and children who qualify for dependents of H1B Visa Holder can apply for H-4 Visa.

It’s possible for H1B workers who change status to H1B from other visa type to request H-4 visa status for  his or her dependents.

There’s 2 things you need to know. Visa is different from Legal Status.

  • H4 Visa Status refers to approval of H4 petition that gives you a legal status while you are in U.S.A.
  • H4 Visa – Refers to stamping in the passport with H-4 Visa that gives right to enter U.S.A.

 H4 Work Permit

Certain H4 Visa holders are allowed to get Work Permit. This EAD for H4 Rule was passed recently.

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What if you are not eligible for H4 Visa EAD?

H4 Visa Interview

Just like H1B worker or any other visa types, H4 spouses should attend visa interview in an U.S. Embassy or Consulate.

In order to change to H4 status within U.S.A., I-539 form can be applied requesting Change of Status ( like H1B to H4  or F1 to H4, etc).

Change of Status typically takes about 3 months to process.