USCIS Receipt Number Format

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When you file H1B Visa application to USCIS, your case will be assigned a receipt number. USCIS receipt number is unique to each petition received by USCIS. You will be able to track the application status using USCIS case status with help of the receipt number.

Receipt number will be of the following format EAC 12 007 50134. Do you know how to decode and understand the meaning of various parts of receipt number?

USCIS Receipt Number Format

  • Lets take a random USCIS receipt number : WAC 09 003 50134
  • There are 4 parts to the receipt number

Part 1: As explained in Difference between EAC, WAC, SRC and LIN

  • EAC – Vermont Service Center
  • WAC – California Service Center
  • LIN – Nebraska Service Center (Lincoln, Nebraska)
  • SRC – Texas Service Center

Part 2: 09

  • 2 digit fiscal year in which application is submitted.
  • USCIS Fiscal Year (FY) runs between October 1 to September 30 of next year.
  • Example FY 2009 – October 1, 2008 to September 30, 2009

Part 3: 003

  • Refers to number of days from October 1 of that Fiscal Year.
  • 001  = October 1 (first day of Fiscal Year)
  • Only working day will be counted – all Sundays, national holidays, Saturdays (maybe)

Part 4: 50134

  • Last 5 digit always starts with 5
  • 50134 means 134th application received on that particular day.

To sum it all WAC 09 003 50134 means134th application/petition  receipt number issued at California Service center for Fiscal year 2009 on 3rd working day (October 3, 2008).

Looks like there are two more versions of USCIS receipt number. But, above format will apply to most of cases HSB readers are interested.

Now, you know how receipt numbers are constructed, I will let you guys all decide how to use the receipt number to mine additional data with respect to your case.


  1. Why everybody’s is start digit 5 but mine is 3 – WAC 1290331317 ,please explain to me,

  2. Can someone help me reading following number that I have seen on I-797:


    I would appreciate reply to my email.


  3. Do you know about an application receipt # that begins with SIM? That's what mine is and I haven't found any info on the USCIS website or Google. If you can help out, that would be great!

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi All,

    I got H1B Petition filed in the Fiscal year 2008 which is valid till September 2011. I am from India.I am planning to attend Visa Interview as the petition is valid till 2011. Can i go and attend the Visa interview now and then extend the validity of Petition?. Does USCIS can revoke the H1B Visa petition as i have not attended Visa interview till now? Can anyone guide me in this regard?. Where can i see my Petition Status as whether the Petition is active or not? . Please guide me. Thanks in Advance.

  5. Hello,
    Is there a way to tell looking at the case status on the USCIS website whether the case submitted is on premium processing or no? My employer said that they had upgraded my case to a premium and I would like to find out if my case is a premium processing or normal. Thank you.

  6. hello,i want to know when the school admission will be on,so that i can enroll.I have ordinary national diploma in business administration.
    looking forward to a reasonable responses.

  7. Hmm.. In the blog you have mentioned "To sum it all WAC 09 122 50134 means134th application/petition receipt number issued at California Service center for Fiscal year 2009 on 3rd working day (October 3, 2008)." How will part 3 122 mean Oct 3rd. And my 3rd part is 170 . Can u tell me the month and day of 170 ?

    1. Updated the post to WAC 09 122 50134. Thanks for the find. You have to do that math :).

      Find Saturdays, Sundays and US National Holidays then it should be easy.

    1. H1B visa application are accepted from April, but USCIS Fiscal year starts from October 1 of each year.

      1. I think, It is day irrespective of month when they accepted application. In my case, it is 002 and they accepted application on October 2.

        1. 001 – October 1
          002 – October 2

          If both October 1 and 2 are working days. If October 1 is Friday, then 002 will be October 4th.

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