How to Get Started with Twitter For Job Search

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Twitter is very powerful tool when it comes to job search. But, you cannot find a job overnight, using twitter. It takes time to build the relationship, followers and a job.

Keys to job search using Twitter is having meaningful conversation and profile that goes along with job search theme.

After talking with few HSB readers, I came to following conclusion

  • They realize Twitter is powerful job search tool
  • They don’t know how to get started with Twitter
  • Even after creating Twitter account, they don’t know what to do next

This simple guide will outline steps to use twitter for searching full time jobs or internship.

Discover and Follow

First step is to discover twitter user posting jobs and hiring. For job search, it will be Hiring Managers and Human Resources personnel (HR). These days, HR’s are posting job posting in Twitter like never before. If you will be looking for job as Software Engineer, then discover HR’s who are posting jobs related to Software job openings.

  • Search in Twitter for keywords ( Software Engineer Opening, Hiring Software Engineers,…)
  • Follow the person who posted the job.
  • Check if they have a List
  • Go through the list to find other HR’s
  • Check their profile and follow them.
  • Search for Twitter Lists of HR folks

Establish Communication

Now, you started following person of your interest. Actively involve in communicating with them.

  1. Reach out to them few times with tweets mentioning them.
  2. Reply to their tweets
  3. Mention them on tweets you think they may find interesting

If you find an interesting article on hiring, job search, tweet that and mention the HR’s you are interested in the tweet.

Usually, if you show interest, they will start following you. After they start to follow you, then send an introduce yourself using Direct Message.

Repeat this process continuously. Improvise on how you communicate and what you tweet.

As you can see, if you want job tomorrow, you cannot start using Twitter today. It takes time and effort.  Your job search process starts the day you land in USA (for foreign students).



  1. hi,
    I have got admit from Indiana University Bloomington for MS (computer Science)…
    does neone know whether there is campus placement here??
    is certifications required for getting a high profile job???
    can nebody help me out by guiding me of the job opportunities after MS???what are the packages i would get??This is my concern as I have to take loan for my education….
    please reply.
    Thanks in advance.


  2. Patience, patience, patience. The mantra of the job search. Plus you want to keep your private persona-private. Please don’t use the same Twitter account to rave about your fraternity reunion and the beer bong contest. When directing a Tweet to an HR person, make sure it is relevant and not just “noise”. HR personnel can read through that in a second. Persistence can pay off using Social Media. But be prudent in your postings.

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