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Here is an awesome way to chop onions without tears – Vidalia Chop Wizard.

Vidalia Onion Chopper

Vidalia Onion Chopper

When I used to cook while in college, I used to hate 2 things

  • Chopping Onions (cooking for 6 roommates in no fun)
  • Washing Dishes

After several years, my wife found this Vidalia Chop Wizard. She was it at our friend place and we purchased one. Its awesome.

Guys who don’t like to to cut onions must buy this.

You still have to cut onions into 2 pieces.

Then place the  half cut onion on the chopper and press the top lid with force.


You have well cut onions.


Couple of  Reviews from Amazon

I did a lot of research before I bought this item and let me tell you its one of the best TV items I have ever purchased. It chops almost EXACTALY like you see it on TV. One swift (but firm) motion and POW you have diced whatever. Its SO easy in fact that the first day I got it my room mate and I chopped just about everything in our fridge in about 20 minutes. Onions, celery, carrots, peppers, even some chicken breast. Whatever looked like it could be diced. The ONLY thing I had trouble with was soft bread. Everything else was like a chopping factory. Bought one for my sister for Christmas even. FAR more sturdy then I expected. Great and easy design and each blade is nice to have. I use it a lot and I love it every time.


I’m always skeptical about these As Seen on TV products, but since I’m all thumbs in the kitchen, I thought I’d have nothing to lose with trying this one. Lo’ and behold, it is by far THE SINGLE MOST USEFUL ITEM in my kitchen next to the microwave! I use it many times a day, for dicing fruit for the kids, to making fresh salads and preparing mashed potatoes. There is nothing easier since you simply place the fruit or veggie on the blade, close the top firmly yet easily, and presto — you’ve just perfectly diced!

Why I’m posting this here in this blog?

I know most of you reading this and attending university in USA will be cooking.

This Vidalia Onion Chopper will come in handy to chop onions without tears.

We have been using it for over 4 months now. Easy to clean and store cut onions.


  1. i think its a very useful product for students who are working and studying abroad

    1. I’m usually very skeptical creating multiple online accounts. BBB is good, but we shop in-store. I would pay few $$ more to shop in Amazon than buying from another online store.

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