Too Much Tension While Waiting for Fall 2012 Admission Decision

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Update from Kaushik on Fall 2012 admission status.

I’ve applied to 7 universities and now I can’t bear the tension of waiting for replies.

I check for any updates each and every day even though I know its useless.

I guess the main reason for my anxiousness is because I’m depending on it a lot.

I have already got a 2 year gap in my life after my education.

One day I just decided I’m gonna go for MS whatever happens(which was always my dream).

I opted MS over searching jobs here. I hear many people getting admissions; people who have lesser scores or etc.

I suppose I’m just writing to for some reassurance or just to share my feelings.

I’m confident I’ll get admission from any 1 or in fact more than 1 of the universities I’ve applied. But I still feel really tensed every day because even after admits I’ve to get over the next big hurdle: “visa”! Anyway I just wanted to share my views.

Even after many failures in my life till now, I chose to go for MS. Hope this reaps good fruits. Thanks. Bye


Way to go man. I can certainly understand what you are going through right now.

Hope things will work out for you.  Good luck to you Kaushik. Hard work always pays off.

Keep us posted on your admission results.



  1. Hey dude,
    I totally understand what you are feeling. Don’t give you would get your offers soon.
    HSB, I need help with making decision on 2 schools. After applying to 8 schools for masters in Computer science and almost dying of tension while waiting for their responses, I finally got offers from 2 schools- University of Washington,Tacoma and George Washington Uni. I need any information that would help me in making the right choice between the schools. Thank you.

  2. Please can anyone tell me between
    one is ranked the best.your comments will be appreciated.thank u

  3. Hey Kaushik,
    If it helps I’ll tell you that we are all in the same boat.
    I keep looking on my admissions decision all the time too, and I have sure each applicant do the same…. but do not worry, you have already done all you could, so it is just a matter of waiting a couple of months, the time will pass as always. What help me is doing things and keep me busy!!!
    Good luck!!!

  4. Dear Kaushik, Look at the support you have got. I am sure you will get admission in due time and fulfill your dream. And HSB thank you so much for posting such experiences which remind us that we are not sailing alone in the boat.

  5. Happy Schools Blog keeps posting lot of good,useful stuff everyday…..
    And I specially wanted to thank the ADMIN for the really cute experiences in VISA interviews
    and few facts about universities and personal experiences of International Students,GRE prep tips that I keep reading everyday

  6. Thanks HSB! Your support did give me some confidence and peace! I didnt expect you’d post it on the site and all those positive and reassuring comments really lifted my spirits! Will keep you posted on whatever happens. Thanks again.

  7. Hi Kaushik,
    I know exactly how u feel cause I have been there. Ashish has said most things (if not all) that I want to say. However, I have one thing to thrust forward to you. How would u have known if this admit will work out or not if you hadn’t put behind past failures and strived for greater heights. That’s awesome and a courageous act. You have done noble. Take Ashish’s advice -be wholly optimistic and get prepared for the USA knowing with full confidence and faith in God that you will get admit and scale through visa hurdle. In fact, we all passed through what you are passing through now. I did most things Ashish wrote and I am reaping the dividends now. All the best

  8. Dear HSB, you seriously need to enable some sort of ‘like’ or +1 feature on individual posts, cos I really wanna super like the post above me!

  9. Hi Kaushik,

    I really don’t know weather you are working or not but I do understand your anxiousness and I know it will be more if you are not working and sitting idle at home, I waited for around 3 years before I could finally make my decisions and there were so many ups and downs like financial things, scores, admission to universities, decision of pursuing MBA or MS and so on. But I can suggest you one simple thing to get rid of this anxiousness.

    If you are very sure that you are gonna do MS, please try using ‘The power of anticipation’. The power of ‘anticipation’ helps people to get around on all the hurdles coming in the next future. Trust me there will be so many thing coming in the future which you have to tackle and you should be prepared for them right now. So make list of all those things and start enhancing all your skills right now. I can give you a list of couple of them:

    1. Do you know cooking, if not learn all Indian cooking right away. Try cooking yourself again and again till the time you reach perfection.
    2. I know you have already applied for 7 universities, start researching all those universities to check out what will be the fees of your courses and where are they located in US. Try to find out through your friends, contacts how much will be living expenses there which will give you a fair idea of how much finances you will need to arrange for your tuition fees and expenses.
    3. Once you have a fair idea about fees and living expenses for two years, try out all your options for arranging your fees. Basically what most students do is go to the nearest government bank for student loan and somebody will give you all the details how you can apply for student loan and how much money you need to give for down payment and what documents will you need to submit. Start collecting all those documents. Some students borrow money from parents and relatives, if you have to do that inform them right now and avoid pressing panic button at the very last moment for them.
    4. Do you know driving, if not run now for a car driving institute and get yourself acquainted with basic car driving skills on Indian Road, I know that driving is pretty different in India and US but trust me, it will help. Also make sure you have Indian Driver licence for four wheeler. Also go through HSB blog to find out more about CARS in US and what you should buy.
    5. Make sure that you have everything ready before you apply for visa. I am sure there are lots of documents required for visa, just leave aside those documents like university offer letter and I20, please concentrate on other documents which you are arrange even before getting offer letter from universities.
    6. Did you go to the website of all those universities and did your research into the area you are more interested. For example if you are in computers will you be interested in a career in programming in some specialized field like hardware programming and application programming or for example if you are choosing electronics and communication, will it be VHDL, Verilog or maybe semiconductors. This will help you choosing subjects/unit/courses when you are pursuing that course.
    7. Did you make any friends in any of these universities and asked them how is the place like, how much is the room rent, how do they cope up with work and studies togather, is it easy to get part time jobs there and what kinda jobs do these guys get and most importantly what are there chances of getting scholarships there, I remember there was a time where every friend of mine use to get scholarships for second year. Use social networking website as tool to contact people from universities.
    8. How about simple things like clothes, basic utensils, shoes, sleepers, books etc. I know these things comes after you get admit visa and all those stuff but it will be not bad to visit malls and supermarket to get a fair idea of what you need and how much would they be costing, maybe after visiting couple of them, you have fair idea from where you get all those stuff and how much will they cost.
    9. Try researching on books what would you need before pursuing course. Most of the books are listed on the website, some universities don’t list them and you know about them in the first lecture but many of them list them(Good universities basically). I know you have applied for 7 universities and it will be a tough task but you can keep this task aside after you get admission and decide the university you want to pursue your education.
    10. I know there is a big line of students for on campus accommodation, sometimes it is best kinda accommodation because it is within the university, you build up best network of students in the same university and you guys enjoy together because you have same goals and you guys meet everyday in the university. So my friend, there is no harm in going to the website of the university and writing a couple of mails here and there to find out what are options for accommodation in the university and most importantly, when you have to apply for them because most of the time, they get finished if you wait for last moment.

    There is no point of being anxious and doing nothing. Open up your computer and blaze the world!!!

    Best of luck!!


    1. Yes, I’m dead sure I wanna do MS. My mind’s made up and I’m not gonna change it. Presently I’m doing a temp job. Thanks for the checklist. * As for the research on the universities, I’ve done it before applying and I have a pretty good idea of, like you mentioned; fees, living, cities etc. * And I’ve already had a talk with the bank manager near my house about loans. * Yup, I have a car license. * I’m interested in the specialization of computer security and I’ve only chosen those universities that have a good computer security program or good research in this field. * Haven’t done your #7 yet. Thought of doing it after I get the admit. Or should I do it now? #8 #9 and #10 also sound good. Will do them. Thanks a ton for your advice and support!

    2. Hey Buddy,

      Great Info… Sure this is something which will help most of us…


    3. @ asish

      i am admitted to the university of california , merced this fall and got full assistantship. i have applied to only this university. my gre score is 306 and toefl 89 with acad 71.3 %. will there be any problem for me to get the visa ???? i have completed my bachelor in mechanical engineering from nepal, n i am admitted to uc merced for phd level.

  10. Hey I understand… it took me about 2 and half months to start getting my letters. But you know what, problems never stopped. It’s the Visa, traveling abroad, understanding the place, getting a job and keeping the scores to name a few.
    All I can say is, don’t give up, don’t be too anxious, you get those admission letters and you have constant problems. It’s worth the trouble though and you get to learn a lot.

    “Confidence is half the victory.”

  11. Don’t worry bro u will get thru ……. I was also quite anxious first as I applied to only one univ(SUNY Buffalo) since my gre and toefl got delayed and deadline for most of the good univs got over …….. But in the end I got my admit …….

    Best of luck …..

    1. hi dude,
      if you dont mind could you tell what was your gre and degree score,i am planning to apply for u.s too,

  12. Don’t worry bro …… Everything will be fine ……. I am an average student and I applied in only one univ(SUNY Buffalo) because my gre and toefl got delayed and deadline formost of the good univs were over ……… That’s why I was also anxious but in the end got an admit ……..

    Best of luck

  13. Hey Kaushik,
    All the best with your admissions. If you have made sure to apply in the dream, reach and safe format, you are sure to hit an admit with atleast a couple of universities. So dont worry with that. What you really need to concentrate on is the Visa interview.

    1. Thanks a lot. Yeah I’ve applied for 1 dream, 3 reach, and 3 safe…

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