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ETS is going to ruin me. I took the test on Nov 4th got Verbal – 750, Quants – 800, but still haven’t got my scores online yet. I am sure I didn’t cancel my scores but I didn’t enter my undergrad institution because I’m not from the USA. One of my application’s deadline is on Dec 1st. After the china fiasco I am afraid anything can happen with ETS. Thanks ETS for ruining for life.

800 + 750 is awesome GRE score.

Why do you think ETS is going to ruin you?According to ETS, it can take 4 to 6 weeks to for the test taker to receive the scores.

It all comes down to planning and managing your application process for the graduate school.

Why are waiting on ETS to submit your application?

You can submit your online application with the scores you have received and pay the fees. Once GRE scores are available, you can forward them.

You don’t have to send scores before the deadline. Even if you have forwarded the scores, it takes couple of weeks for ETS to report GRE score to the university.

Submit the application before Dec 1, pay the application fees and then forward the scores in couple of weeks. Inform Graduate school that you will be forwarding GRE scores in couple of weeks.

Of-course, if there was problem with your testing, then that’s an different issue altogether. Hope, your scores are not held up because of that.

Comment – This will happen if you have created two GRE Account or incorrect address was provided while registering for GRE test.



  1. I am a Mechanical ENgineering student. My undergraduate
    marks are really bad. 1st – 54% 2nd – 54% 3rd year – 52% 4th year –
    58% and the GRE scores are V-440 and Q-780 Is there any chance of
    getting admission in the US university for MS?? Please do send me
    some information… Thank you in advance..

  2. sir i want to pursue MS in Food Technology from U.S. i am in food technology 3rd year. please give me some guidance on how to prepare and what are the colleges in U.S offering MS in food technology.

  3. Respected sir,
    I want to purse my masters in Bioinformatics in one of the US universities, unfortunately i have scored less credits in that subject. Its not that i dont know the subject, but with some problem i was not able to make my credits up. However my over all credits is quite convincing, i have 8/10 credits in my engineering. My GRE score is 1200.I am really worried about this problem. Urgently looking forward for help

  4. Just send an email to It will take care of your request, nothing to panic. Good luck.

  5. Thank you for all your replies. I didn't think I would get any positive ones. WHen I posted on yahoo answer asking people what grad schools i should choose I only got impertinent replies. I did email ets about my problem on 25th but they answered me with a prefab answer, saying "You can now view and print your scores online free of charge. You will need to create or have a My GRE Account to use this service. Visit"

    That's why I got so fed up. And so far there's no response. Anyway shouldn't the scores be available after about 15 days? and shouldn't I get an email when my scores are available, as I did with TOEFL?

    I think I have checked it over a 100 times yesterday I ever got a dream in which I finally received my scores …

    And of coz I have created the application accounts already but some schools state explicitly that all the scores should be ready by the deadline that's why I got so worried.

    1. I guess you have entered your details wrong. Just write to ETS about your problem. One of a good Samaritan below has mentioned the email ID through which you need to contact ETS. You will have a solution to your problem. gud luck.

    2. This will happen if u have created two gre account in ETS before the exam or if u have created different accounts for TOEFL and GRE…. if everything is 5ne u can see your scores after exactly 15 working days after ur exam….
      call ETS and discuss ur problem with them they may help u…if not wait for few more days u will get ur score card maild to ur address…its better if u call ets and give ur home address correctly.
      don’t worry and congrats good score….

    3. The scores are actually available faster than most people think they are. I wrote my GRE on the 28th of October and they were published on the website on the 5th of November. In fact the score card was also printed on the 5th of November but took an entire month to arrive at my doorstep. You can follow the steps mentioned by HSB and other users. ETS staff get back with positive replies. No point in asking on Yahoo.. They don't care whether you go to the school you want.

  6. Hey HSB,

    I post this in every new post you post, Please put on some info about under grad schools also…. PLEASE!!! SOMEONE REPLY ME…

    1. this is the second time i take the test. The first time was in a split-test format in which the verbal and quantitative parts were paper-based. My scores were V 680, Q 740 . I am convinced( and before I took it the second time, I was convinced that I could get a better score with the computer-based format) that my difference in the scores is because of the format. So I urge everyone if you get a lower score with the paper format in which you couldn't finish the test ( i missed a whole set of RC for the verbal section), I really recommend you to take it a second time with the computer-based format.

  7. hi,

    cumon,do not waste time !do as wat was asked in the previous post…………dnt wait….u have gt such a nice score………..

  8. If you want to see your scores online, please check if you have a valid GRE account. I also faced similar problems. When I contacted ETS regarding the same, they just send me my proper details and asked me create new account using those details. I was able to see scores online once I did that. I recommend you also to do the same. It is unfair to blame ETS. I am stressing upon this fact because ETS has been of great help to me. Let me tell you my Incident. Once I started to view my scores online I realized that I had misspelled and made a mistake in entering my surname and middle name when I created account to register for GRE. As a result my name appeared incorrect in my score report. Many said me that grad schools don't accept scores with such a major blunder in name. I was worried and at the same time kept my cool and wrote to ETS to look upon my issue as it would be a major problem for me in getting admission and visa as well . They asked me to fax a copy of my passport which had my correct name along with the email conversation. I did that and I was sent an email stating that my problem would be rectified within 10 days. I was worried a lot since I had just then heard about the China fiasco and also many told me ETS guys are inefficient at work. But 3 days later when I checked my GRE account, my name was correctly spelled and in right order. Also I received an email from ETS stating that my problem has been solved and my complaint file is closed. I have read many blogs about people facing problems as mine. But my advice to all would be to be calm and and not to panic as for every problem there is a simple solution. I would request the HSB moderator to use my case as example as it would help many a people who face problems as I did.

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