Why I Chose to Study at Yale University [Video]

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Yale University is one of the top and most prestigious universities in the U.S. Like every premiere university, Yale is trying to attract top students into their school.

Prospective students can attend a school tour before deciding which school to attend. If you are an international student and live outside the United States, very unlikely that you care going to fly to America just to take a campus tour.

Recently, Yale University published a video to demonstrate why students chose to study in Yale in a musical format.

The video offers an interesting perspective and definitely for an international student, most of the things you will see in the video will be new and informative.


Also, the things they talked about in the video (professors, dorms, cost, food, life at Yale, etc.) are things that students consider before deciding on a university or college to attend.

Unlike international students, they consider many more factors.


  1. Very nicely done – Great Job!

    This video actually creates a very personal representation of life in this very prestigious academic institution. Instead of a typical question and answer scenario, the viewer is actually drawn into participating in the video and honestly brought out a smile in me!


  2. Although, the lead of the song looked like Baby Obama, but the overall impact is great!

    I wish I had something similar for my university too!

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