Here’s the REAL Reason Why I Don’t Regret the Decision to Study in America

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why  i'm studying in usaIt’s always good to hear “True Stories”.

Today’s article is a real life experience shared by a PhD Student (Shruthi) from New York.

This is one of feel good experience and I’m sure, you are going to gain some valuable experience from her experience.

Enter Shruthi…

It feels so good when anyone speaks aloud the thoughts going on in almost everyone’s mind. I could relate myself so much to the things you voiced in the video – The “not so sexy” Part of Studying in USA.

Yes , many things can go wrong in a day. But it will be in our hands to decide the way these results will effect us…mentally!

I am a PhD student Out of my bachelors. I live about 15 min from my campus and walk almost everyday to school. (No extra fitness training needed here!)

My mentor keeps me on nerves always and I almost dread our lab meetings.

He expects me to outperform than a regular masters student who is almost done through his research in the university.

My experiments go wrong and sometimes will have to stay in my lab all night.

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My on-campus job starts at 7 in the morning and sometimes I oversleep and be late to work.

I don’t find time to go thoroughly through all my courses as In undergrad. My own financial resources barely help me meet the needs in NYC.

Sometimes I feel like my friends in other universities are having a smoother sail.

Yet, I don’t regret the decision of coming to US and studying here.

For one reason that this is “my choice” and I am definitely happy about it.

Also, I get to learn a lot of things in my lab in a better way than a regular 2ns semester student would learn.

I feel like my schedule management has improved.

My time management and money management skills definitely improved than back In India when I was in a hostel during my undergrad.

I stay Relaxed

Coming to how do I manage to compose myself through all this is, I try to unwind as often as possible.

I spend some quality time with my friends and nearby relatives.

If I did something wrong, intentionally or no, I try not to repent much about it (Which builds up the tension) as it is already done.

Listen to good music, Watch my favorite sitcoms & movies, visit some places if time permits.

My parents are really concerned about me.

I talk to them almost everyday atleast for a few minutes but video chatting is just not a compulsion. Only when we find time, we skype.

Health Comes First

All I would like to tell my friends here is try not to control everything. But keep yourself organized.

I’ve seen many of my friends here don’t have a proper meal schedule and don’t have a balanced diet.

Keep yourself healthy and fit and your first priority should be food. Because if  you become ill, you cannot really expect your friends to help you recover. They Are on their own too!

If something goes wrong and is out of your control, relax, don’t worry. Just tell yourself that all is well. Have fun!



  1. *
    Hi…. Reading your experience is very informative.
    I am a chemical engineer with 3 yrs exp and earning 6lakh per annum in an mnc.
    But i got admission for ms fall14 with half funding.
    Now i m in dilemma whether to continue job or go for ms.
    Could you please advice.

  2. Thank’s for sharing your personal information. I am currently pursueing my degree in final semester. hopefully i will graduate by this may..! so.. i am planning for higher studies in abroad.. So this posting will help me to get to known about study in abroad as well as it gives information about top ‘B’ please Get in touch with me and also share your experience more… ! .. Once again thank you ….:-)..!

  3. Hi Raghu ,
    I have been continue reader of Happy School blogs since I was preparing for my visa interview 2 years before which I never get through and decided to switch to Canada ,so right now in Canada but still I read .I wish this blog to be broader a bit encompassing studying in any foreign country .Its more about US always.

    1. Where in Canada? I would love to have folks like you contribute about Canada.

      1. Hi Raghu,
        I want to share my story as a part of awareness campaign I really want to run against studying in Canadian Colleges. Twist in my academic life starts when I decided to pursue M.S in US, 3 years before. I completed my masters in Biotechnology from Pune University with distinction. I was always a topper in my class ,I loved biology but dislike Maths so but obvious I screwed up in Quant section and ended up with 950 score in GRE ,still on basis of my projects and academics got admit from UHCL and Long Island Univ , but was not fortunate enough to get true guidance from Consultancy though I paid them. I applied for visa and got rejected twice for insufficient funds. I applied for 3rd time but never attended interview because I was devastated by then ,I worked part time and thought about Canada ,the easiest way was getting into a college for pg-diploma ,I did the same but screwed visa again because of poor documentation ,then I approached Canam and finally succeeded. But it do not ends here ,I came here and realized its worthless studying it ,its just a business of Canadian colleges. Diplomas with no future.So here I am in Toronto working in Restaurants and Petro-Canada after MS in biotech and pg diploma in industrial biotech and still trying to get in to any University in world were I can complete my PhD with funding.
        It seems I may suffer from depression but still I don’t want to give up.
        I request all readers to spread this word to students like me out there not to select Canadian colleges.

      2. Hi Raghu,
        I have started reading your blog from a couple of months and its very useful. I want to study in Canada but the dilemma is that I have studied B.Sc (chemistry) from Banaras Hindu University which was of 3 years.Whereas the eligibility requirement for Canadian Universities is “4 years Bachelor degree or its equivalent “. Can you tell me the universities in which I can apply? or should I complete MSc 1st year before applying? Plz help me out with this……

  4. Hello Raghu,

    Thanks for posting this! A wonderful surprise on a very tedious weekend! Yes, I am still having fun! Currently, I am in my final semester of my Masters’ degree and hopefully, I will graduate by this May and start my PhD in the next semester, if all goes well! Improvement from the last time I’ve typed the above post: got a job in my university library where I get to read a lot of books, wonderful interaction with other students and really amazing colleagues (they make everything seem so easy!). Also, I feel like I am actually starting to have an idea about my thesis (it’s MY project, after all !) But I am still trying to maintain my health, both physical and mental. Proper diet and sleep for physical health, unwinding with friends and music (I am starting to become the wikipedia for all kinds of music & started creating my own karaoke songs in the spare time!), observing SILENCE every Saturday and blogging, of course! But, I don’t want to give the impression that I am always the “happy” & “no-worries” girl ! Sometimes, during some really crappy days, I have no clue of what’s going on and then I realize, that’s alright too! Being nice all the time is just not me! As my Mom says, just have fun in whatever you are doing ,a little dedication, never giving up and everything will fall into places! Good luck everyone! Happy New Year!

  5. I don’t think you have to spare much time to Job. I have applied to PhD at NYU. At NYU and to many universities in US department provides you stipend as living expanse. It is good about PhD in US.

  6. OMG! I will pretend the comment from Raghu was for me, and continue to blush foolishly!
    Anyway, I look up to you as well Raghuram Sukumar. God bless 🙂

    1. Yes. It was for you. You have an unique email id. Are you a mathematician?

      1. 🙂 Thank you. Mathematician sounds too nerd like, I prefer mathemagician!
        I was in 8th std. when I created that acct and I’ve been explaining ever since, more so cuz I grew up a little different than what was expected of me :).

    1. Good personal blog. You have to create this in your domain. Let me know if you need help.

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