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Why Not Dream Big and Set Bigger Goals?

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dream big

I posted the following question on Facebook : Job or Education Abroad and why?

Let’s look at some of the responses to above question.

  • Kashyap Patel : simple and clear for $$$$
  • Balamurugan Mohan :  global exposure & above all Money, Money,Money!!!
  • John Jibin : both. its easy cause 1 $= 51 rs.


  • El Donald : abroad education especially in developped countries, your chances are broad in develeppoing countries
  • Anupam Gupta :  I will go with edu abroad. Its between Rs 3 lac /yr or Rs 3 lac/month.
  • Rakesh Gullapelli : educatn in india and job in abroad..as educatn in india is cheaper compared to other countries..and salaries are higher in abroad.
  • Vishu Sharma : Education in abroad nd job in ur country…….Dis is spirit man

 Best Answer

There is no right answer to the question Job or Education Abroad.

Each and everyone is different and have unique needs and necessities in life.

Folks, who try hard to get visa will keep trying through companies to work in Foreign countries.

I have seen folks, who were not interested in USA change their mind after they work in USA for few months.

Also, I have seen few who struggled hard to get H1B directly from India and return to India in 1 or 2 years.

Can $$$ Should be Your Only Goal?

Job and $$$ is the goal for most the fans who answered the question.

No one said Entrepreneurship.

Not just this time.  When same question was asked few months back, no one said Entrepreneurship.

Look at the Tech Startups in USA. Several of those companies have Immigrant co-founders.

Do do you know why we are more inclined to Salaries than Entrepreneurship?

I think that has got to do with our education system and mindset.

Getting a job is the least risky way to earn money. Also, our education system is more geared to teaching someone get a job. Courses are not taught to about taking risks.

If I happen to have an option to design course work for Engineers, I will include courses that are

Big Goals, Bigger Dreams

There is nothing wrong to have a goal of making money. But, set your goal to make lot of money.

Its between Rs 3 lac /yr or Rs 3 lac/month.

For example, if goal is set to 3 lakhs ($6000) per month, that’s what you will aim. Why not set $15,000 per month.

Why not add a time frame to it.

Like – $3000 per month in 3 years. $10,000 per month in 5 years.

Dream Big and Set Bigger Goals.


  1. There is a difference to study in india and abroad reg. “QUOTA FOR ADMISSION” other than money & environment.

  2. This is my 1st post ever on HSB although I follow it for a long time nw.
    I too consider entrepreneurship as my long term goal.Mainly bcoz I dont think I cn work for sm1 else til I die..
    I want to make my own money n I vl b doing dat wn I complete my MS in US n a few yrs f wrk experience.
    I dont hv clear ideas stil abt it but I think I hv enough tym 4 dat process.. N Big money is appealing n I vl go 4 it!! 🙂

  3. USA, Canada etc for “Better Living Conditions”.

    For example, if anyone want to go on a trip to Europe, Australia etc. next holiday season then, it would be easy for a person earning at U.S than a person (in the same status) earning at India. Unless they are IIT/IIM etc. graduates.

    Most important is better healthcare, clean surrounding. People who did not come out of India, would not know about clean surrounding.

    If there is space for only 10 people, then only 10 people must occupy that space. One extra person will make all the 11 people uncomfortable ! (India)

  4. Also people dont think about Entrepreneurship because first they want to secure a job then H1B then PR and then goes citizenship to fully secure oneself, then comes the chance of entrepreneurship which could take 8 years or so..

      1. Spot on! The risk taking is not only lacking when talking about Entrepreneurship, it starts from the very first step of the entire ‘studying abroad’ thing – choosing the university. Probably its because of misplaced priorities – ‘studying abroad’ and ‘less cost’ above ‘where you study’ and ‘what are you after you graduate from a reputed university’, people tend to compromise and make less than good choices and eventually settle for the comfortable mediocrity than a hard earned awesomeness.

  5. Hey HSB,
    I don’t write everything in comment. Does every one write so ?? And you also know that Rs 3 lacs/month is the starting salary(In US) and that is what I meant i.e. just after MS in US. I was just comparing starting salary here in India after B.Tech and Starting salary in US after MS. Just don’t try to misinterpret my words and make a article of it.

    If u want to know my plan :
    2014 – MS then 2014-18 Job and experience gaining and then 2018-2020 MBA from Ivy league in Entrepreneurship. I think now I don’t have to mention the salary after that which may start from $ 4,00,000/yr. 2020 – 2023 Experience at Top management post then my own company. I never miss one article of this blog and I remember once u mentioned that if your credentials are not good enough for getting MS in ivy league now, then also we can do MBA after MS. Other reason I have planned like above is because for MBA from Ivy League we need $ 1,20,000 which I don’t have now but will earn in 2014-18.So, I hope now you should make a article of this and will give me credit like u did above. NOW tell ME Do I have Big Goals,Bigger Dreams or not ??? And do reply to this like u did for comments in fb.

    1. Awesome. Way to dream big Anupam. You are one of few folks who are brave enough to write comment with your full name.

      If you are planning for Ivy, then you don’t have to worry about loan. Even if you work for few years, saving $120,000 in not an easy task. Ivy schools have tie’s ups 2with banks and they would give loan for International students. You can payoff that loan in few years with much higher salary.

    2. Really appreciate Mr anupam gupta i like the way u reply or post in this blog
      may i have ur mail id because i would like to ask u some personnel doubts of mine

    3. If I could like that comment I would have. It ties in with one line of what I’m planning for the future.

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